Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Episode 577: Les Deucerables... The Western vs The Musical

Big plans ahead for the summer at The Deucecast Movie Show, so in an effort to continue the quest to find the greatest roles of all time... it's another Big Bracket Tourney.

This time, friend of the show Roth from Wyoming stops by with his own bracket, featuring two of his fave movie genres... on one side, the classic and modern westerns of the age, featuring the classic and modern roles in the tournament... Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Will Kane, Bill Mumy, The Man with No Name, Doc Holliday, all of the Wyatt Earps (the good one and the Costner one) and more.

On the other side, the classic and modern musical roles of the age -- Maria Von Trapp, Lil Orphan Annie (in a heated battle, by the way), Dorothy, Willy Wonka and more, many of which lead to a true "what makes a musical?" discussion.

And Mary Poppins gets her final shot at Big Bracket glory.

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