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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Leave a Review, Win a Gift Card!

We are in a membership drive of sorts... we want to see The Deucecast Movie Show in the Top 200 TV & Film podcasts on iTunes, and heck, maybe even the overall list!  And we need YOUR help.

We are doing our first ever Deucecast contest, and here's what you do--go to iTunes and leave us a review.  That's it.  Search "The Deucecast", find the show, and leave a review.  We would love 5 stars, but you do what you gotta go... leave one word, leave 100, whatever, but we need reviews!  If you subscribe, it won't give you any advantage in winning, but it would still be great.

Contest started at 7pm, January 16th, CST, and will end at Friday, February 13th, 2015, at 659pm... all reviewers who leave a review within that time frame on iTunes will have their name tossed into a hat, once each, and we'll draw four names out. 

Each of those four names will win a $10 Movie Pass to your local theater--we have Carmike around here, but if you haven't something else, we'll make it happen.  Free movie for you, reviews for us!  No purchase necessary, you just have to have access to iTunes!  Good luck!

We welcome reviews from everyone and all over, but we can only ship the prizes to those in the United States.  Spouses, siblings, kids and parents of the three co-hosts, d$, Mikey & Pinky, and the two producers, Tommy and Shawn, are not eligible to win.

Episode 155 -- Intermission: Taxi Driver

With the Oscar nominations just out, with our own show's awards ("The Deucies") looming, so much is happening, we are taking a step back and prepping for everything to come.  So this week, we take a quick break by giving you a shorter episode, an Intermission discussion on the Robert DeNiro classic Taxi Driver from 1976.

Mikey, Pinky & Movie Historian The Honorable Dr. Earl dive into Martin Scorcese's early masterpiece, with DeNiro playing legendary character Travis Bickle as the renegade cabbie.  d$ is out of the studio for this slice of movie history, and Mikey takes the hosting lead this time around.

Starring not only DeNiro, but also Jodie Foster (as a teen prostitute!), Albert Brooks (with a huge fro') and even Peter Boyle (waaaay before "Everybody Loves Raymond") makes an appearance as well. 

Its the movie that John Hinkley cited as an influence for his assassination of John Lennon, full of violence and 70s film noir... should you see it?  Listen to our discussion and decide for yourself.

And next week, two very special guests join us in the studio for a great discussion of January films and the return of Ryan Phillippe!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Episode 154 -- The Pre-2014 Top Ten Movies

Now that it's 2015, we have to look back over the last year and decide what the best films of the year are.. but since we are still seeing movies released in 2014, we can't give you a full list of the best movies of the year gone by.

However... we CAN talk about the movies we saw in 2014 from years previous.  Classics like "The Godfather"... "Halloween"... and "The Last Picture Show"...

80s and 90s flicks like "Adventures in Babysitting"... "Beauty & the Beast" and "Fright Night"...  And recent movies like "American Hustle"... "Crazy Stupid Love"... "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and even a little Sarah Polley sighting in "Go".

And what would make Mikey used the term "Reeveassaince" and "Gyllessaince"?  And what's he even talking about?

This is our favorite pre-2014 movies that we saw for the first time in 2014!

Coming soon... special guests on a special Disney episode... our favorite Romantic Comedies (with a possible special guest!)... and next week, favorite films released in January history...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Episode 153 -- The Winter Movie Golden Globe Preview

In this episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, we hit two topics... first, the "Winter Preview", covering January, February and March (we know, we know, March is "spring", and we'll make that adjustment later...)

New movies from Channing Tatum... Will Ferrell... one of the Hemsworth Brothers... Disney's live action Cinderella and more are all discussed, as we count down our Top Five most anticipated movies of the next three months... you know, like Taken 3 or Tak3n, if you will.

Next, we cover the upcoming Golden Globe awards, making our best guesses on Best Drama, Best Comedy, acting awards, directing awards, music, screenplay and more.

In this entire episode, we do bad impersonations of Stephen Hawking, try to stumble through five foreign film titles, declare our love for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and try and figure out who will win awards based on previous nominations and being "due for a win".

And next week, join us for our favorite pre-2014 movies we watched in 2014.  

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Episode 152 -- The Battle of the Five ReFlicktions

Happy New Year!  Hope your Christmas was wonderful, and what better way to end your holiday season than to check our review show, also called "ReFlicktions", as we ReFlickt on the films we've watched in the last few weeks.

It's December, so our movie watching slowed down considerably, but we spend a little more time both on older favorites and current blockbusters...  in this episode, we cover...

Wet Hot American Summer... two of us love this movie, one of us just doesn't get it...

Happy Christmas... we call out Anna Kendrick again to come on our show

Varsity Blues... Pinky is introduced to the James Van der Beek classic, and whipped cream.

The Theory of Everything... stick around for my incredibly authentic Steven Hawking impersonation and for Mikey's surprise at what he himself thinks about the movie.

Horrible Bosses 2... we see it so you don't have to.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2: Live Die Repeat: Mockingjay"... it's the one film that I was able to watch, and I'll tell you how good it is.

Exodus: Gods & Kings"... Mikey uses three phrases for this film--"Ridiculous", "Excessodus" and "Random Casting", and then Pinky shares his love for the movie.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: Live Die Repeat... In a reversal of roles, Pinky expresses his displeasure for this epic, while Mikey actually is decently satisfied.  Oh, and somehow, we relate Evangeline Lilly to Alec Baldwin.  Somehow.

Wild... Mikey tells us of Reese Witherspoon's epic turn that might make her an two time Oscar winner.

Then, all three of us give our favorite films (so far) of 2014, plus our movie assignments which include the classic Dark Crystal, the immortal Vince Vaughn/Travolta epic Domestic Disturbance and the indie film In Your Eyes.

And next week, its the winter movie preview!  Join us as we let you know what's upcoming this January, February and March... pay attention and you'll know what movies you'll want to see, and what to avoid! -- d$