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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Episode 287: The Greatest Year of Movies Ever

It's taken a year or so, but The Deucecast Movie Show has finally narrowed down 40 years of film into two years for the finals.  What Year of Movies will take home the trophy as Greatest Year of Movies Ever?

To decide, hosts Mikey, Pinky, and Dave invite in podcasting royalty, with Dinner for Geeks, My Star Wars Story and radio host Scott Ryfun, as well as the Geek Out Loud podcasting empire grande poobah Steve Glosson!  (Glosson finally returns after years of Mikey asking!)

First up, Birthday Movies, where we find out exactly how old movies like K-19 The Widowmaker, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, The Lost Boys and even Bebe's Kids!

Then a round of Box Office Mojo, calling out the Top 10 in both 1984 and 2015 based on top domestic box office rankings -- Beverly Hills Cop! Inside Out! Indiana Jones!  But not... 9 to 5...

And then, the finale, the championship, the big match of all movie matches, and one that you likely could guess the winner of already.

But that's why the game is played!  Including a battle between a previous battle like 1989 vs 2015, with Glosson & Ryfun going head to head.  And Mikey stirring the pot.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Episode 286: These are More Confessions

These are our (more) confessions...

Mikey, Dave, and Pinky welcome in Friend of the Show, podcast host and Ohio chick extraordinaire Jennifer Kaufman to reveal all about their movie confessions, those things they don't want to tell anyone... until now.

First up, a solid round of Chronology, where the hosts (and guest!) pick a category and then have to put the films called out in release date order.

Then, it's the confession time...

The group talks about the problem with Johnny Depp... JK loves JLo... who is the Zac fan in the room... Mikey hates foreign films... Pinky hates Rogue One... Dave has a fine appreciate for Meryl Streep, yet has issues with her exposure... and Life of Brian.

Plus, Mikey hates old films and the church. Plus, what is your deserted island franchise??

And where do you start with the Bond series?  Mikey tells you where.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Episode 285: ReFlicktion Homecoming

After a quick weekend of a live show and getting their nerd on, Mikey, Dave and Pinky are back in the studio , welcoming in friend of the show Wit Stillman fan, Terence Malick apologist, Brie Fan (Alison, Larsen & Cheese), Film Historian and part time proctologist for fun, Dr Earl.

Among the topics include Mikey's diet fail... the real purpose of Freeform Channel (Harry Potter, of course)... the Fantastic Four of '94... Robert Downey Jr's early stuff... political Weiners... GLOW Gals... Crackle's app... the Just Watch app... love for Spidey... being tired of Gru... the glory of The Southerners... doubling down on meat eating... and is Anthony Hopkins overrated?

Some great discussion on Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver & Transformers: The Last Knight

Also, the top five of the year and some more movie assignments!

Movies discussed this month:
Batman & Bill (doc)… The Southerner (1945)… Tower (doc)… That Sugar Film (doc)... Fantastic Four (1994)… Doomed! The Making of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four (doc)… Chaplin… Disgraced (doc)… Weiner (doc)… Mindhorn… Shimmer Lake… Rushmore… GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (doc)… Wonder Women… War on Everyone… Adaptation… Baby Driver… Okja… Handsome… Hologram For a King… It Comes at Night... Spider-Man Homecoming… The LEGO Batman Movie… Cars 3… Despicable Me 3… Grindhouse (Planet Terror & Death Proof)… Colossal… Transformers: The Last Knight… A History of Violence… Gone Baby Gone… Silicone Cowboys (doc)… The Sting… High Noon... Night of the Living Dead… Glory… Parenthood… The Shallows... 

And in the credits, a quick review of the documentary Dying Laughing, the doc Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic, the animated Rio 2, the British comedy I Give It a Year. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Episode 284: The Magic City Con Live Show

It's the annual live show, straight from the podcast panel at the 2017 Magic City Con in Birmingham, AL!   Dave, Mikey & Pinky bring their Movie Chatter to a live audience, along with the Lover of Brie (Alison, Larsen & Cheese), Terence Malick Apologist, Film Historian and Wit Stillman Fan Dr Earl.  And sitting at the table with the guys is TechnoRetro Dads co-host Shazbazzar.

The show focuses on Guilty Pleasure Comic Book Movies... everyone loves The Dark Knight and The Avengers and Captain America... but not everyone loves... The Losers?  Green Hornet?  Batman 66'?? AND... Superman III.  Because Pinky is there. 

Joining the panel along the way is Marvel actor John Anderson, known as a Ravager in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 along with many other bit parts along the way, and in the audience, Geek Out Loud Poobah (podbah?) Steve Glosson!  

The all star panel talks about, among other things, Dave's issue with the Wonder Woman/BvS continuity... Bud the C.H.U.D.... The Stuff... Garth & K.A.R.R.... Gotham City vs Metropolis... The original predator... Affleck's Daredevil... Sean Connery's last film... How Jonah Hill can win an Oscar... miscasting Sue Storm... the first mention of Simon Says ever on the podcast... watching movies with Dr. Earl... calling Zoe Saldana a "loser"... the A-Team theme... Solarbabies and Jami Gertz... the Richard Pryor Theory on Superman III... Rocky III Sly Stallone...

And a live version of The Rotten Tomatoes game with audience members!  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Episode 283: The Century's Best Action Films Pt 2

Continuing the Top Ten Action Films of the 2000s, Dave, Mikey, and Pinky welcomes back in The PodFather of RetroZap.com Podcasting Network, Retro Joe!

First up, a round of Word Up! (up up) discussing Netflix original programming... the Baywatch flop for The Rock... and Rick Moranis coming out of retirement, sort of.

Plus, discussions on Pinky's hope for Shrunk 4... whether Edge of Tomorrow is action or sci-fi... when Jason Statham shows up... the action in Star Wars films... the different Batman in cinematic history... the real best Bond movie of 2015... Retro Joe changes his mind finally... and a round-up of RetroZap.com shows.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episode 282: Premium Action (ft Retro Joe)

It's just the guys in the Deucecast Movie Show studios, with all producers out and Wit Stillman Fan, Terence Malick Fan, Brie Lover (Allison, Larson & cheese) and Film Historian Dr Earl on a Doctors With Only Some Borders mission, Mikey, Pinky & Dave decided to call up the RetroZap.com Podcasting Network guru and Podfather Retro Joe!

A little discussion about the RetroZap Network, then another round of See This, Not That, where Dave spins The Wheel of Movie Destiny (tm), giving you a great idea of what to see and what not to see with Star Trek films, guilty pleasures, and Eddie Murphy movies

Plus, Retro Joe's quick beef with Friend of the Show Scott Ryfun... and movie haircuts.  And more defense of Superman III from Pinky.  Plus, a special guest returns to the studio.

Then, part one of the Top Ten Best Action Films of the 2000s.  Anything that premiered at the box office from January 1, 2000, to last week, counts, as everyone gives their favorites from the last 17 years.

Flicks like Expendables, Jet Li gettin' kicky, Anthony Anderson being racist, controversy over the best bike messenger movie ever made, which Bond movies count in the canon, and where does Looper fit into all of it?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Episode 281: DaveSplosion + ReFlicktions

Summertime is here and going strong, and that brings in the 2nd Annual Dave'Splosion, where Dave has to watch FIVE unseen-by-him action films assigned by the other hosts and friends of the show, including Raid Redemption (Pinky's movie)... Hollywood Homicide (Dr Earl's movie)... Battle Royale (Remodeling Clay's movie)... Welcome to the Punch (Mikey's movie)... and Sinbad & the Eye of the Tiger (TechnoRetro Dad's co-host Shaz's movie)

Plus, discussions on K-Stew... Alien lore... Pinky's new love for The Rock... Johnny Depp in a starring role... Netflix misstep... DC Comics lack of connective tissue... Mikey's new fave Affleck flick (AfFlick?)

Also, America's favorite segment featuring Pinky looking at classic 80s films, Pretty in Pink, as this tims around he talks about Escape From New York

And finally, movie assignments and current Top Five of the Year from the guys.

Movies Discussed: Captain Fantastic… This is Spinal Tap… On the Road… Hunt for the Wilderpeople… Alien Covenant… Mother’s Day… Trolls… Baywatch… Sandy Wexler… Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales… The Reunion… War Machine… Run Lola Run… Why Him?... Batman & Bill… Wonder Woman… Bad Moms… Man About Town… Before We Go… Gone Baby Gone… All Things Must Pass (doc)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Episode 280: Mt Rushmore of Funny Ladies

It's June and its summertime!  Dave, Mikey and Pinky are the only hosts in this episode, where the guys give their fave funny girls of cinema.

Deucecast Trivia:  What movie was the first film the Deuce guys ever watched at the (then) new Rave Motion Picture Cinema, which changed the game for theatergoers?  Find out in Birthday Movies, and how 1982's June was an amazing month of film.

Some Rotten Tomato Potpourri happens, with guessing some scores of female led comedies like Bridesmaids... Our Brand is Crisis... The Proposal and more! Plus Dave's love of... The House Bunny (!!!)

Then, a celebration of the funny ladies, as the guys put their Mt Rushmore together featuring the most talented and hilarious women in film.

Plus a quick look at upcoming episodes!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Episode 279: The 2017 Summer Movie Preview

Yes, yes, Dave says Episode 278.  But it's 279... the audience knows better than to believe anything Dave says.

Join Mikey, Pinky, Dave, and Film Historian Terence Malick Apologist Brie (Larsen, Alison, Cheese) Lover Wit Stillman Fan World Renowed Brainologist Dr Earl as they run through the summer of films -- what to watch, what to avoid and what you should be excited for!

First up, a round of The Ryan Phillippe Game, with such names like Tom Cruise, Chris Pine and Owen Wilson.

Then, the summer films, including discussions on The Dark Tower Universe... Re-Re-Reboots... A good Wonder Woman preview... DC Rising... McQueen becoming Logan... Optimus Prime dead... the many problems with Transformers... and Spidey, Sony & Marvel.

Oh, and where is Producer Shawn or Producer Tommy?

Amongst the movies & their release dates discussed
June 2: Wonder Woman... Captain Underpants... Churchill... Band Aide

June 9: The Mummy... It Comes At Night

June 16: All Eyez On Me... 47 Meters Down... Cars 3... Rough Night

June 23: Transformers 73: The Last Knight... The Beguiled... The Bad Batch

June 28: Baby Driver

June 30: Despicable Me 3... The House... Amityville the Awakening

Spiderman Homecoming... A Ghost Story...

July 14: War for the Planet of the Apes... Lady McBeth... To the Bone... Wish Upon

July 21: Dunkirk... Girls Trip... Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets... First Kill... Landline

July 28: Atomic Blonde... An Inconvenient Sequel... Brigsby Bear... The Emoji Movie

August:  The Dark Tower... Detroit... Wind River... Death Note... Hitman Bodyguard... Logan Lucky

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Episode 278: The Film Four (Movie Year Tourney Part VIII)

It's getting down to the bare bones of the Greatest Movie Year Ever Tournament, as only FOUR years remain.  And it's time to find the finalists.

Helping Dave, Mikey, and Pinky are guests on the Binder & Binder hotline, first with our favorite Michigander podcaster Remodeling Clay Shaver, and then Wit Stillman fan, Brie Lover (Alison, Cheese and Larson), Terence Malick Apologist, Film Historian AND the worlds greatest octonologist, Dr Earl.

And to add even more to the show, the guys bring on the co-host of the TechnoRetro Dads podcast, the man known to the world as Shazbazzar, aka, Shaz.

First up, a new game to discuss Adam Sandler and Netflix, Jeff Goldblum's Jurassicness, and Will Smth as... The Genie?  It's a game called "Word Up!" which also introduces Remodeling Clay's new theme song!

Then, a visit to Episode 274, with the 1989 defeat over 1982, and Shaz's big issue with it. Shaz gives a genre by genre rundown of 89 vs 82 (even though, let's be honest, it doesn't matter)...  including the movie that will fit the bill in case you are looking for some Casual Racism.

The first battle becomes so difficult, the show called in ANOTHER special guest to help decide as Shaz takes on d$ for the win... with Shaz firing an "Ad Hominem Attack"

Top Gun... Platoon... Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home... Aliens... Ferris Bueller's Day Off... Cobra... The Boy Who Could Fly


Star Wars the Force Awakens... Mad Max Fury Road... Spotlight... The Big Short... Ant Man.. Creed... SPECTRE... Guardians of the Galaxy... Kingsman Secret Service...

And then... 

Ghostbusters... Gremlins... Beverly Hills Cop... Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom... Karate Kid... Sixteen Candles... Splash... This is Spinal Tap... A Nightmare on Elm Street... The Muppets Take Manhattan... Revenge of the Nerds...


Batman... The Abyss... Honey I Shrunk the Kids... The Little Mermaid... When Harry Met Sally... Field of Dreams... Major League... Glory... Parenthood... Road House... Say Anything... National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 277: Pinky's Prom Night ReFlicktions

To kick off summer, Dave, Mikey, & Pinky has a jam packed ReFlicktions Episode to give you, as there are many, many things in this 2.5 hour awesomefest.

And what better way to celebrate than to bring in Brie Lover (Larson, Alison & Cheese), Wit Stillman Fan, Terence Malick Apologist & Film Historian, world renowned -ologist Dr Earl, plus podcast extraordinaire Remodeling Clay Shaver.

Kicking off the episode is a look at Pinky's Prom Night... then you'll hear a discussion on the amount of Netflix Original Programming... the birth of The Amen Corner... more Fast and Furious than you can shake a can of NOS at... this dude named Macon Blair that we all love... Dave's affection for Anna Popplewell... Robert Downey Jr's early issues...

Also, a full review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The Pretty in Pink gives a review of the Cold War era The Manhattan Project... Clay Shaver gives an updated look at This is Spinal Tap on Be Kind // Rewind...

And the very FIRST Top Five Movies of 2017 of the year

Plus... the return of The Demi Lovato Tweet of the Week


Movies Discussed:
The Manchurian Candidate… Smurfs: The Lost Village… Martin Luther… Florence Foster Jenkins… ID Resurgence… Tramps… The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe… Casting Jon Benet… Secret in Their Eyes… Free Fire… Fate of the Furious… The Case for Christ… Captain Fantastic… Cyclops… King Arthur: Legend of the Sword… The Circle… Prince Caspian… The LEGO Batman Movie… Small Crimes… Cheap Thrills… Ghost in the Shell… Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie… The Battered Bastards of Baseball… Singles… Win It All… Phenomenon… Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2… Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates… To the Wonder… Beginners… Less Than Zero… The Discovery…. Girlfriends Day… American Honey… Split… 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Episode 276: The Mt Rushmore of Comedic Actors

In the continuing series of Mt Rushmore, Mikey, Dave & Pinky take on the best comedic actors for a chance to be memorialized into a rock face wall monument! 

First up, a quick round of Rotten Tomatoes Potpourri, with comedy films as the theme... including Pinky figuring out who "Uncle Buck" actually is.  Plus, a mention of a classic Wayans Brother's flick "Don't Be a Menace..." and the great cast and terrible movie that is "Nothing But Trouble"

Then onto the Rushmore inductions... John Candy and his comedic brilliance in his day... Pinky making a bold prediction about Steve Carell... Mikey loving tennis movies... the actor that reminds Dave of WWE's Braun Strowman... the 80s run of Eddie Murphy... love for "Peak Coke Chevy"... and Pinky's strange choice at the end...

Who are your favorite comedic actors?

Also check out the Mount Rushmore of...
--Actors (Ep 219)
--Actresses (Ep 227)
--Directors (Ep 241)
--That Guys (Ep 250)
--That Girls (Ep 267)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Episode 275: One Fine Day

What can be done in a single 24 hour period?  According to movies, quite a bit!  That's the theme behind this latest episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, where Mikey, Pinky and Dave take on movies that take place in a day.

And who else would be in the pretentious corner but Brie Lover (both the cheese, Alison and Larsen), Wit Stillman Fan, Terrance Malick Apologist, Film Historian and (insert medical specialty here)ologist, Dr Earl!

First, the birthday movies for May, not only celebrating five years since Pinky's graduation, but also movies like The Avengers, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Smokey & the Bandit and of course, American Ninja 2: The Confrontation.  And, of course, The War Wagon.

The IMDb game makes a return with several actors & actresses and their film listings.  Can you guess before the guys do?

Then, single day films, all with limited storytelling... everything from a classic western to a classic courtroom drama to going to see a dead body to a Samuel L. Jackson monologue for the ages to a group of detention students to a terrorizing truck to Tom Hardy's face for 90 minutes to a September 11th narrative to a Manhattan prison to the Nakatomi Plaza... and more.

A discussion on the Stephen King Universe... in-depth look at the New Brat Pack masterpiece Flatliners... a look at Northern Exposure... Dave rails on Ferris Bueller again (sigh) and a glance at the film career of Lumi Cavazos and a look at the films of Dennis Weaver.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Episode 274: Nostalgia vs Recency Bias - Movie Year Tourney IX

The guys of the Deucecast Movie Show -- Mikey, Dave & Pinky -- join forces with friends of the show Remodeling Clay Podcast host Clay Shaver as well as Terence Malick Apologist, Wit Stillman Fan, Brie lover (both the cheese and the Larsen), Film Historian and -ologist of the world, Dr Earl.

In this ep, you'll hear the gang discuss Shelley Long films... Homeward Bound (ooooh)... Pare vs Dudikoff in the Battle of the Michaels and another Six Pack mention.

Tonight's battles:

Jurassic Park... Schindler's List... The Fugitive... Tombstone... Dazed & Confused



Aliens... Top Gun... Stand By Me... Ferris Bueller's Day Off... The Money Pit



The Revenant... Mad Max Fury Road... The Intern... Spotlight... Jurassic World...



Raising Arizona... Spaceballs... Wall Street... Dirty Dancing... The Princess Bride



Ghostbusters... The Karate Kid... Terminator... This is Spinal Tap... Beverly Hills Cop



The LEGO Movie.. Guardians of the Galaxy... Gone Girl... Into the Woods... Big Hero 6



Field of Dreams... The Abyss... Major League... Batman... Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade



Tron... ET: The Extra Terrestrial... Blade Runner... Poltergeist... Six Pack


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Episode 273: Pinky Goes Commando (and other ReFlicktions)

April is here, spring has sprung and movies have been watched!  Pinky, Mikey, and Dave come back to 'fess those flicks, inviting in Friend of the Show Remodeling Clay Shaver and Film historian, Brie (cheese & Larson) lover, Terence Malick apologist, Wit Stillman fan and -ocologist of the world, Dr Earl.

Birthday movies kick it off with a reminder of how old Rock a Doodle is... and then the long awaiting return of the Cusack Game.  Then, the movies!

Topics this month include:  Remodeling Clay's Oscar catch up... WWE's Jake the Snake... the fun of Kong... Dr Earl and his HBO troubles... Zack Galifianakis can do better... Can Kristen Wiig do better?... Usher, Taylor Dayne & bad subtitles... Pinky discovers Commando... CHiPs vs CHIPs... a Barry Bostwick compendium... making Belle fall in love with you... Jami Gertz...

Then, Pretty in Pink with Pinky, as he discusses Jason Segel Steven Seagal in Under Siege... and then a round of Be Kind // Rewind with Remodeling Clay.

Movie assignments as well!

Movies discussed include:
Hell or High Water... Nocturnal Animals... Arrival... Moonlight... Hidden Figures... Fences... The Resurrection of Jake the Snake... Kong Skull Island... Tickled... Masterminds... Becoming Warren Buffett... The Wraith... I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore... Life... Solitary: Red Onion Prison... The Fury... Hands of Stone... Commando... Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising... CHIPs... Megaforce... Sing Street... Rock & a Hard Place... The Slums of Beverly Hills... Beauty & the Beast... Byzantium... The Conversation...  The Edge of Seventeen

Monday, April 10, 2017

Episode 272: Underrated Star Wars

Mikey, Pinky and Dave are talking Star Wars in this latest ep of The Deucecast Movie Show! And joining the guys this week, over in the pretentious corner, its Wit Stillman Fan, Terence Malick Apologist and Lover of Brie (both the cheese & Larson varities) the greatest –cologist in the world, Dr Earl.

With Star Wars Celebration coming up (of which the podcast is a proud sponsor of!), what better way to talk a Galaxy Far Far Away than to invite in two favorites, the original Skywalking thru Neverlanders, Richard & Sarah Woloski!

The subject is underrated and underappreciated Star Wars characters, including the cutest blue Jedi in the galaxy… who’s most likely to be a mob informant… the guy who yelled “Hold your fire!”… the 7 foot tall rabbit… Kenny Rogers & Six Pack… Dynomite Magazine… Bossk’s unknown ship… Jay Underwood & the boy who could fly…

It’s a fun episode full of "Galactic That Guys" and "Where is that girl?" and "I don't even know what that is..."  Plus, Star Wars Celebration plans… and so much more via random topics and rabbit trails.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Episode 271: Movie Tourney Year Part VII

Once again, Pinky, Mikey & Dave come together to decide the greatest year of movies, ever... this time, with four more matches to finally set up the Entertaining Eight

After a quick chat about RetroZap Podcasting Network, a quick preview of Star Wars Celebration, which Mikey & Dave will be attending (while Pinky goes to prom with his fake girlfriend)

Plus... a throwback to Kenny Rogers' and how he turned our Love Around... and the story of Kenny Rogers' Roasters... and a quick bio of Tony "Tiny" Lister... and the remarkable gap between the years advancing...

ET: The Extra Terrestrial... Rocky III... Poltergeist... 48 Hours... Tron... BladeRunner


Marvel's The Avengers... Skyfall... Argo... Looper... Django Unchained...


Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade... Batman... The Little Mermaid... Major League... UHF... When Harry Met Sally


The Matrix... Fight Club... The Sixth Sense... Star Wars The Phantom Menace... Toy Story 2... Office Space...


The Graduate... The Jungle Book... Guess Who's Coming to Dinner... Bonnie & Clyde... The Dirty Dozen... In the Heat of the Night... Cool Hand Luke...


The Princess Bride... Lethal Weapon... The Untouchables... Wall Street... Full Metal Jacket


Boomerang... Aladdin... The Bodyguard... Unforgiven... Reservoir Dogs... Glengarry Glen Ross... Last of the Mohicans


Mad Max Fury Road... Inside Out... The Revenant.. Room... The Martian... Star Wars the Force Awakens... Jurassic World

Which movie year is your favorite??

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Episode 270: The Deucecast Senior Year

It's that of the year where Senioritis hits everyone who is peering down the barrel of forever... their graduation and the release into the real world.  Of college, anyway.  The old Mikey, the older Dave, and the zygote Pinky welcome in Witt Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist and Brie Lover (both the cheese & the Larsen), the indomitable Dr. Earl... and calling in on the Binder & Binder Hotline, its Friend of the Show, direct from Bainbridge Brunswick, Georgia, it's Scott Ryfun!

First, a quick chat about Hurricane Matthew stories along with The Huddle & Waffle House saga...

Birthday movies brings the release date celebrations of classics like The Devil's Own... BAPs... All About the Benjamin... Raising Arizona... and of course, The Cutting Edge (TOEPICK!)

And then movies that were released in the Senior Years of high school amongst the Deucecast Movie Show hosts and guests.  For Dave, its films that came out in 1992-93... For Mikey, its 1995-96... For Pinky, its 2011-2012 (so young).  For Ryfun, it was 1987-88 and for Dr Earl was for 1986-87

Movies like Big!  The Untouchables!  Moneyball!  Se7en!  They bring up stories like Dr Earl's first double date... the Clark Cinemas in Enterprise, Alabama, where you have to "pick a side"... Pinky's criminal streak... early Disney love for Dave... bad Sean Connery impressions... janking on pretty boy Brad Pitt... the difference in The Four Tops & The Temptations and where does Levi Stubbs belong?... Dr Earl gets really pretentious... The the (non) success of the cast of Heat... and, of course, the story of The Sperminator

Plus, a full defense of the Chevy Chase film "Funny Farm".

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Episode 269: The Ides of ReFlicktions

Another month brings another batch of movies seen, as Mikey, Pinky and Dave invite in Wit Stillman Fan, Terence Malick Apologist, Movie Historian and Brie Lover (both of cheese and Larson), Dr. Earl...

Right off the top, Dr. Earl gives over his movie assignment to the guys, as he is the Oscar Game Winner of the year... Barry Bostwick, anyone?

Some of the topics discussed...
Setting up John Wick Chapter III... Pinky loves Kong... Andrew Garfield's nominations & career... not a Redford fan... the fascination with Tickled... weird Tom Hanks... Spotlight's spiritual sequel... Dave's cheaper Amy Adams... Olympia Dukakis lives!... tossing shade at indie darling Jeremy Burgess... the sorta good prostitute movie and the very bad food movie... Jewish Hutts... A Melanie Lynskey surge... Mikey's issues with Jennifer Connelly's needles... bad Anna Kendrick... and a Mark Wahlberg film for the ages

Plus, America's favorite classic review segment Pretty in Pink gives a review of Tron!

The Movies Discussed...
Sing Street… Monster… John Wick Chapter 2… Kong: Skull Island… Hacksaw Ridge… Brubaker… The LEGO Batman Movie… WarDogs… The Commitments… Tickled… The Tickled King (short form)… Daddy’s Home… Contact… Once… Max Payne… Cop Car… A Hologram for a King… All the President’s Men… Family Plot… Jack Reacher Never Go Back… Keeping Up with the Jones… The Infiltrator… The Thin Blue Line… Logan… I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore… Get Out… Sausage Party… The Escort… The Gift… The Age of Adeline… Star Wars the Clone Wars…  Shelter... Barton Fink…Rocket Science… Dirty Harry… Silver Streak... Patriot's Day

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Episode 268: The 2017 Deucie Awards (and Top Ten Faves!)

Roll out the red carpet as Mikey, Dave, and Pinky invite in celebs Jeremy Burgess and Terrance Malick Apologist, Wit Stillman Fan, World Famous Oncologist & Lover of Brie (Both Cheese & Larson) Dr Earl, and call in contributions from Shazbazzar and Jennifer Kaufman!

Forget the Oscars, forget the Golden Globes, forget the BAFTAs and everything else -- it's The Deucie Awards!

And during the awards, the guys list their Top Ten of 2016, with discussions on films like "The Invitation" and "The Lobster" and "Captain America Civil War" and "Blue Jay" and "OJ Made in America" and more and more.

Here are the 2017 Deucie Award Nominees...  Nocturnal Animals picked up 8 nominations, with La La Land getting 7... Manchester By the Sea grabbed 6 nods... Hell or High Water and Rogue One a Star Wars Story both get 5 each, while Loving takes 4, and with 3 nominations each, Arrival, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Captain America Civil War, Magnificent Seven and (for the Worst awards) Independence Day Resurgence.  Twenty two more films picked up 2 noms or less.

-Hell or High Water
-La La Land
-Manchester By the Sea
-Nocturnal Animals
--Damien Chazelle - La La Land
--Barry Jenkins - Moonlight
--Kenneth Lonergan - Manchester by the Sea
--David Mackenzie - Hell or High Water
--Denis Villeneuve - Arrival
--Amy Adams - Arrival
--Ruth Negga - Loving
--Sarah Paulson - Blue Jay
--Natalie Portman - Jackie
--Emma Stone - La La Land
--Casey Affleck - Manchester By the Sea
--Joel Edgerton - Loving
--Ryan Gosling - La La Land
--Jake Gyllenhaal - Nocturnal Animals
--Michael Keaton - The Founder
--Jeff Bridges - Hell or High Water
--John Goodman - 10 Cloverfield Lane
--Aaron Taylor Johnson - Nocturnal Animals
--Nick Offerman - The Founder 
--Michael Shannon - Nocturnal Animals
--Amy Adams - Nocturnal Animals
--Viola Davis - Fences
--Helen Mirren - Eye in the Sky
--Michelle Williams - Manchester By the Sea
--Mary Elizabeth Winstead - 10 Cloverfield Lane
--Damien Chazelle - La La Land
--Tom Ford - Nocturnal Animals 
--Kenneth Lonergan - Manchester By the Sea
--Jeff Nichols - Loving
--Taylor Sheridan - Hell or High Water
--Captain America Civil War
--Deepwater Horizon
--Magnificent Seven
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Finding Dory
--The Little Prince
--Kubo & the Two Strings
--Another Day of Sun - La La Land
--We Know the Way - Moana
--You're Welcome - Moana
--Score - Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Drive It Like You Stole It - Sing Street
--Eye in the Sky
--Hell or High Wtaer
--Manchester By the Sea
--Nocturnal Animals
--Central Intelligence 
--Don't Think Twice
--Hello, My Name is Doris
--La La Land
--The Nice Guys
--Captain America Civil War
--Doctor Strange
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Star Trek Beyond
--10 Cloverfield Lane
--The Accountant
--Captain America Civil War
--London Has Fallen
--Magnificent Seven
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Don't Think Twice
--Magnificent Seven
--Nocturnal Animals
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Sing Street
--Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
--The Do-Over
--Independence Day: Resurgence
--Kindergarten Cop 2
--Zoolander 2
--Liam Hemsworth - Independence Day: Resurgence
--Judd Hirsh - Independence Day: Resurgence
--Dolph Lundgren - Kindergarden Cop 2
--Adam Sandler - The Do Over
--Ben Stiller - Zoolander 2