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Monday, April 27, 2015

Episode 169: Building a Kingdom

In a very special episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, the guys are off for a week while Mikey interviews a good friend of the show, Stan Daniel.  Stan is the owner and proprietor of the local favorite comic shop, Kingdom Comics, and opens up a bit on the state of the comic & movie industry, on how he built a comic empire from an attempt at buying an X-Men comic, the unknown origins of his co-hort Jason, and the trials and tribulations of putting together not just a comic shop, but an awesome hang out.

This episode was recorded in May of 2014, and is played back now as a special ep... regular recording sessions were cut short when Mikey had to go do something stupid like, oh, I dunno, help his wife have a baby.  Pansy.

Hope you enjoy this departure from the usual!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 168: Close Encounters Intermission

It's a special version of The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, as we roll out an Intermission... a chance to spend a little time on one classic film.  This time, we take on 1977's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"!

In studio, d$, Mikey and Pinky are joined by Hurricane Rhett, who says this is one of his all time favorite films, and the gang takes on the film, it's history, behind the scenes drama, how Richard Dreyfus got the part, how director Steven Spielberg would change it if he could now and Hurricane Rhett gives a dissertation on the famous five note jingle.

Plus, you'll also hear "Dark Mashed Potato Confessions" from Mikey, and somehow, someway, Pinky steers the entire show into Lifetime movies vs Hallmark Movies, because he does that sometimes.

Enjoy this quick half hour of Deucecast awesomeness as we have ourselves a "Close Encounter!"

Monday, April 13, 2015

Episode 167: Some Childhood Favorites

The boys are back and better than ever... of course, Mikey had to bail before the episode was to begin--some nonsense about his very pregnant wife having contractions and such.  We will discuss his commitment to the show soon.

Filling in the Mikey-shaped hole, TechnoRetro Dads co-host Shazbazzar steps in as we discuss our favorite movies from when we were children.  With one growing up in the 70s/80s, another growing up in the late 80s and yet another growing up in the 90s, a wide range of films are discussed, including sharing love for The Goonies... The Secret of NIMH... The Last Unicorn... Lord of the Rings... WarGames... and does Howard the Duck hold up?  All of these and even more films you may have forgotten about.

You'll also get great discussions on the loss of Saturday morning cartoons... why ...Say Anything might not be as good as we pretend it is... a quick mention of other great Cusack films from the 80s...  who sings "Young Hearts Beat Fast" in Karate Kid... d$'s attempt to write the Mannequin novelization... Saved by the Bell... a thrilling round of Rotten Tomatoes...

And, Pinky reveals how much he loves/likes/apathetic/dislikes/hates Pee Wee's Big Adventure in Pretty in Pink!

Don't forget to check out fan and friend Craig Harmann's book, and you can download it for free by clicking here -- www.books.noisetrade.com/craigharmann/words-of-worship

Next week... an awesome Intermission of the classic film Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Monday, April 6, 2015

Episode 166: The 2015 Deucie Awards (with Reflcktions)

It's that time of year when we, at The Deucecast Movie Show, take the Academy Awards to task, and give out our own awards for the best in film of 2014... Is Birdman truly the best picture, or could Nightcrawler be it?   Will Emma Stone win a Deucie for Supporting Actress, or even best Actress?  And what was the most entertaining film of the year?  And the worst?  The best action movie?  The best sci-fi?  The best written?  And will Johnny Depp be the worst actor, or will Kevin Costner out-suck him in film?  Those answers and more are in this episode.

Plus, we have a great discussion about the roles Jennifer Aniston has taken... is there such a thing as a Cageissance, and should there be?... what movie is so bad that Paris Hilton is the best thing in it?... and who brings up McCabe & Mrs Miller

Movie historian and Terance Malickian Dr Earl joins us for this episode, as we give out awards, talk movies and give our reviews on:

Predestination... Along Came Polly... Robocop (the original)... November Man... Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day... McFarland USA... Joe... Mystic River... McCabe & Mrs Miller... The Lazerus Effect... The Other Woman... Focus... Pretty in Pink... The Machine... A Good Marriage... Big Driver... Chappie... The DUFF... The Divergent Series: Insurgent... Ida... The Hillzzzzz... Bronson... White Bird in a Blizzard... Unfinished Business... Paddington... Timbuktu... Foxcatcher... The Drop... Scre4m... Run All Night... The Dark Crystal... Domestic Disturbance... Frank... Chef... That Guy 2: That Gal Who Was in that Thing... Road Hard

And, our first edition of the Top Five of 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Episode 165: April-May Preview

There are a handful of big films, and a few smaller ones, that are hitting theaters in the next 9 weeks, and the guys at the Deucecast Movie Show are here to tell you all about them.  Mikey is out this week, but helping to fill the gap is TechnoRetro Dad's co-host Shazbazzar!

Some of the previews that d$, Pinky and Shaz cover include Aloha, the new Owen Wilson/Emma Stone flick... Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road... the potential for a wasted cast in Age of Adeline (with Harrison Ford!)... The Rock beating up an earthquake in San Andreas... and how Jennifer Aniston is the best FRIENDS actor out there.

Naturally, the guys also spend several minutes on Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Plus, topics covered in random rabbitrails include why Pinky hates trailers... serious Jonah Hill vs serious James Franco... those kids in the Coke commercial at Six Flags and the movies during trailers... d$'s Titanic video tape story... why watching Unfriended might be like picked a scab... and a guilty pleasure love for Kevin James...

And, as you would expect the show to do, a quick shoutout to The Great Space Coaster... don't miss the ending tune!

All this and more in this week's episode of The Deucecast Movie Show! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Episode 164: (not) Live from New York, It's (not) Saturday Night!

Okay, not really live from New York, though it was recorded live from our studio in Birmingham... either way, it's another fun filled episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, where this week, we celebrate the end of the 40th season of Saturday Night Live by highlighting our favorite cast members and their movie careers.

But first, Mikey & d$ are in studio (Pinky joined later) with the foreign film lover and Terrance Malick Apologist Dr Earl, and for the first time, we welcome on the horn our friend and fellow podcaster Clay Shaver, host of the popular Remodeling Clay podcast.

Many topics discussed tonight, including how Baby: Secret of a Lost Legend turned 30 this month... exactly how much is riding on The Avengers: Age of Ultron for Marvel... will DC movies fall apart if Superman v Batman fails... and a deep discussion on why Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt might be the biggest movie stars out there, and why Tom Cruise's movie stardom time has passed...

A rousing game of the newly named "Denzel Game" ensues, where we discuss much about that movie with Cameron Diaz and the sick little girl...

And finally, the topic at hand, with legends like Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy are discussed, along with their career highs and lows, plus the likes of Ben Stiller, Tina Fey, Bill Heder and more... all in our "Favorite SNL Alumni" discussion.  Who has potential to be big from here on out, and how far has the star fallen for Mike Myers?  Find out in this show.

And next week, join us when we welcome in Shazbazzar to preview April and May's coming movies, with a rousing Furious 7 chat!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Episode 163: The Rocky V Intermission

In this episode, the Deucecast Movie Show welcomes in Shotglass Digital poobah and Rocky Apologist, as well as Rebel Force Radio co-host Jimmy Mac!!

The Deucecast Movie Show prides itself on giving special attention to certain films, wrapping an entire episode around it, classic films like "North by Northwest" and "Seven Samurai" and "Dr Strangelove" and "Rocky V" and...

(insert record scratch sound here)

Wait, what?

That's right... that movie that compared to the other films in the franchise, is like the drunk uncle who the rest of the respectable family members keep locked in a bedroom during the Christmas Party... "Rocky V", where Sly Stallone brings back Rocky Balboa to be a destitute street fighter when Paulie is given financial responsibilities and screws everything up... where Rocky's son Robert ages 5 or 6 years in a matter of a few weeks of movie time... where the real ending had Rocky taking drastic measures but never happened... where Tommy Morrison might have died from AIDS... where us talking about it gives it more attention than it's gotten in a long time...

Also joining the discussion in this episode with a chime in here and there are friends of the show Jeremy and Craiggy Mac! 

Enjoy the show... its better than the movie!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Episode 162: The All Time Top 100 Prologue

Do you have a list of favorite films?  Have you ever written down your top films?  Your top 5?  Top 10?  Maybe top 25?  What about your Top 100 of All Time?

The Deucecast Movie Show hosts--Pinky, Mikey & d$--are doing just that.  After Pinky & Mikey spent a few months... and d$ spent a few years (no, seriously)... listing our favorite films of all time, a new series is beginning.  Every time the show tackles the Top 100, another ten will be released until the Top 10 favorite films of all time are known.

But first... the Prologue.  The 30 films--10 each--that just missed the cut by an ever so close margin... looking at what was almost in the Top 100, what barely, narrowly were edged out of that magical 100 mark. 

A Terminator movie just missed the cut... a big rig Patrick Swayze film didn't quite make it... Cary Grant running from a crop duster almost made it, but not quite... one big and one little monster and a cute little girl named Boo also just missed the 100... how did Thank You For Smoking make this list?  And who in the world couldn't put Die Hard on their list?!  Find out in this episode, as we give you the All Time Top 100 films that rank 101-110...

And next week, join us for a special Intermission when we are joined by Shotglass Digital's own Jimmy Mac as we give a full discussion of the all-time classic, Rocky V!