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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Episode 234: The ReFlicktions Juggernaut Episode

Holy crap... how can a couple of dudes take 2 hours and 30 minutes to discuss movies?  These guys show how its done.

In a regrettably longer episode than expected, Dave, Mikey and Pinky welcome in Remodeling Clay podcast host Clay Shaver to jump into ReFlicktions.  Over 70 movies get the quick review treatment, including topics like...

The Midnight what train?... When the visual of Lacey Chebert is all you have in your movie… a smoking, cursing Selena Gomez… Room punches you in the face and hands you a Kleenex… the marking of Lonely Island… the film that is the “Whiplash of War”… the crazy of OJ Simpson… Jason Statham’s range… Sally Field’s range… Pinky hates J-Lo… the Mannequin novelization… the strange sport of competitive tickling… Albert Brooks styling…

Also, Clay Shaver introduces a new segment, Be Kind // Rewind... find an old 80s flick, rewatch it and determine... does it hold up still?  Or has its reputation enhanced how good the movie really is...

Plus, the Top Five of the Year, and movie assignments.  

Movies discussed this time around: 

Shaun of the Dead… The Midnight Meat Train… Christian Mingle… Heist (2015)… I Smile Back… Pet Semetary… Con Air… The Lobster… The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts… As Dreamers Do… The Fundamentals of Caring… Ernest Scared Stupid… Now You See Me 2… They Live… Room… Stealth Fighter… Central Intelligence… THX1138… The Conjuring 2… Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping… While We’re Young… Empire State… The Shallows… The Player… Eye in the Sky… OJ: Made in America… Believeland… That Magic Moment… Neon Demon… To Kill a Mockingbird… Swimming with Sharks… Ted 2… Space Jam… The Wedding Singer… Transporter Refueled… The Good Dinosaur… Finding Dory… The Kings of Summer… Big Stone Gap… Hello, My Name is Doris… The Invitation… Out of Sight… Weird Science… Mannequin… Tickled… Babe… Platoon… Flashdance… Raid Redemption… Raid 2… Independence Day Resurgence… 12 Rounds Lockdown… Black Sheep… Scoop… Tooken… Swiss Army Man… We’ll Never Have Paris… The BFG… The Purge: Election Year… Brazil… The Death of Superman Lives… Electric Bugaloo… 27 Dresses… Defending Your Life… National Lampoon’s Vacation… Junebug… Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates… The Nice Guys… 48 Hours… Rent… Before the Devil Knows Your Dead…

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Episode 233: If I Can Change & You Can Change...

It's a tradition like apple pie, hot dogs, baseball and Will Smith movies... The Deucecast Movie Show once again giving you an Americana themed episode, celebrating the best of patriotic, all American, we love this land kind of films.

Joining Pinky, Mikey & Dave in studio is the Terrence Malick apologist, film historian and Brie Larson crush-holder, the estimable Dr. Earl.

First, birthday movies will tell you how old "Legally Blonde" and "Kazaam" and "Point Break" all are, as they all came out in July of various previous years.

Then, reaching back to a game not played since The Deucecast Episode LXII, for the Independence Day week, a game called "American or Commie".  Who was born in America?  And who is foreign born, naturally making them a communist (for the purposes of this game, of course...).  And you'll find out where Tom Skerritt, Emilio Estevez and yes, Amy Adams hails from.
And then, a run down of movies that are considered slices of Americana or downright patriotic... movies like "In America" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and "Red Dawn" and even the film that actually ended the Cold War.

Theories on how the Air Force One commies would be treated today... Mikey's new love of "Wahlburgers"... the puzzlement of what "The Danger Zone" actually means... the filmography of Heath Ledger... writing a paper on the Civil War, using only a movie for reference... why Rocky Balboa is more American than you...

Finally, in the returning Pretty in Pink, Pinky gives his rundown of the movie "Clueless" and gets another great 90s classic to watch for next go'round.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Episode 232: PinkFlicktions

In the bowels of the Magic City Con (re: an hijacked side office room), Mikey, Pinky & Dave come together to do a bonus ReFlicktions ep, this time featuring all the movies Pinky didn't get to chat about in the last few episodes.

Topics include... The lack of songs that are written directly for movies now... liking James Gunn... the making of (and the crap that is) Warcraft... Pinky's Tom Hanks List... Nic Cage's bad southern accent... more Apocalypse talk... Pinky's Marvel talk... and much more...

Movies discussed in this episode:

Bowfinger... Gremlins... The Right Stuff... Mad Max (1979)... Winter's Bone... Slither... Warcraft... Money Monster... Wall Street... Disney's Hercules... The Money Pit... Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising... Turner & Hooch... Joe vs The Volcano... Con Air... The Nice Guys... X-Men Apocalypse... Alice: Through the Looking Glass... Eye in the Sky... Killing Zoe... Hotel Transylvania 2

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Episode 231: Cult Classic Films - The Live Show

Coming to you live and recorded from a small side room (and not the promised main stage, but who's counting...) at the annual Magic City Con in Birmingham, Alabama, it's The Deucecast Movie Show!
Dave, Mikey and Pinky hold court to first do a quick audience participation version of The Rotten Tomatoes Game, then the main segment kicks off.

It's "Cult Classic Films", however you may define it.  Movies that the guys feel that have quite a following, movies that aren't forgotten, movies that really define a slice of a generation.

Enjoy the live show!  And remember those films that somehow have kept being popular and beloved...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Episode 230: The Unnecessary Sequels

You could say every episode after Ep 1 of this show is an unnecessary sequel... but yet, its 229 episodes later.  Being Pinkless again, Dave and Mikey welcome back Hurricane Rhett to the studio, as well as Producer Shawn, and on the line... it's Scott Ryfun!

Before the lists begin, it's time to play another "NAME THAT..." game, this time with acting legend Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Can you tell your "Maximum Risk" from "Cyborg" from "Hard Target" from "Lionheart"?  Find out as you hear the descriptions and make the guess on the titles.  

Finally, because "Now You See Me 2" isn't called "Now You Don't", it qualifies as an "Unnecessary Sequel".  Listen in as Dave, Mikey, Ryfun & Hurricane Rhett give their best examples of great movies that had movies after it that just didn't need to be made...

Movies such as a Halloween sequel... a Crocodile Dundee sequel... a Highlander sequel... A Grumpy Old Men sequel... a Mannequin sequel... and some classic films that have... prequels. Yup. It happens here. 

And topics like... tainting the legacy of "Close Encounter of the Third Kind"... Mike Myers and Willy Wonka... Paul Hogan's tax woes... the future of your franchise when Shannon Tweed gets involved... the lose your virginity 80s genre... the "Put Shia LaBeouf in Everything" era... Edward James Olmos with a Schwarzenegger ISIS flair... Jack Nicholson sequels... the sadness of the prequels... Terry Crews making movies better... the musical stylings of Mac Davis... the fallacy of Louis Gossett, Jr... Bo Svenson vs Joe Don Baker... 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Episode 229: Pinkless ReFlicktions (the Supersized Summer Edition)

Back again with a handful of movies to talk about, discuss, disseminate, propagate, recommend and dis, Mikey and Dave are faced with yet another Pinkyless week.

No matter... Friend of the Show Hurricane Rhett is back in studio, and the guys welcome back on the line Remodeling Clay Podcast host and creator Clay Shaver.  Also, joining the discussion is the bae, the boo, the love of Producer Shawn's Life, Lillian... or, #LadyPinky as she comes to be known on the show.

First, a great round of The Ryan Phillippe Game, in which one of the guys flames out completely on Denzel Washington movies... Embarrassingly so.  And can you name the movies from Tom Hanks?  Reese Witherspoon?  Or even Mark Wahlberg?

Among other discussions... The importance of seeing earlier Marvel movies to watch the newer Marvel movies... the advent of DAVE'Splosion... d$'s love of Tina Fey... 28 Days vs 28 Days Later...  The argument for Kristin Stewart... The possible true story of The Martian... Mikey's choice - Dan vs Fassbender vs Oscar... The great works of Mickey Rourke..

And then, onto The ReFlicktions... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... A.C.O.D.... The Nice Guys... Captain America: Civil War... American Ultra... Hello, My Name is Doris... The Voices... High Rise... Deadpool... The Martian... part of The Patriot... The Intern... The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassas... Nintendo Quest (doc)... Fed Up (doc)... Prescription Thugs (doc)... Into the Abyss (doc)...  Break Point... Kindergarten Cop 2... Confirmation... MacBeth... All the Way... Serving Sara... Ashby... The Do Over... The Lobster... I Am Road Comic (doc)... Minions... TMNT: Out of the Shadows... 1/2 of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping... X-Men Apocalpyse... Just Friends...

DAVESPLOSION -- Message from Space... Super Fast... Transmorphers... Men of War... The Road Killers... Gotcha!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Episode 228: Forget Everything You Think You Know... A Marvel-ous Discussion

Forget Everything You Think You Know!!!!  A few weeks back, after the debacle that was Batman Vee Superman Dawn of Justice, the movie guys had a long discussion on the good (not much) and bad (much) on DC movies.
With Pinky out on location filming his first movie, Dave and Mikey welcome in friend of the show, Terrence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, and welcome back to the studio the Rantmaster Extraordinaire Hurricane Rhett to discuss Marvel movies.

After Birthday Movies (Cannonball Run is how old?!), the group dives in discussion topics like...

  • The total rundown of all main Marvel films since 1986's Howard the Duck
  • Fox Studios problem with X-Men
  • Which X-Men can carry a movie, and who would fail
  • The Fassbender to McKellen problem
  • Jennifer Lawrence mailing it in
  • Sony's Spiderman dilemma
  • What has been with Spidey and what could have been 
  • Sony and Disney Marvel working together
  • Possible recasting of RDJ and Chris Evans
  • The test that is Dr. Strange
  • Marvel's approaches to the movies 
  • #SoWhiteAvengers
  • The future movies coming up 
  • The Marvel TV (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) melding into the cinematic universe
  • Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Also, with some questions of Al Gore's Interwebs, the topic turns to what Marvel should have done differently... who should have been the original Sue Storm in 2005... the future of Inhumans and Mutants... and what the heck a CTI is...

Enjoy this lively discussion of where Marvel movies have been, where they are now and where they are going! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Episode 227: The Mount Rushmore of Actresses

Mikey, Dave and Pinky return for another rousing rendition of the best movie podcast you'll listen to when you are listening to this one!  In episode 219, the podcast guys gave you their choices of favorite actors of all time.

But first and foremost, the Rotten  Tomatoes game, featuring movies with some of the most often talked about ingenues of the cinematic cinema.... and that includes Kristen Stewart and a rare appearance by the Coyote Ugly Girl herself!

And then, it's the Mount Rushmore of Actresses.   The favorites of the group, both in talent, in beauty, in roles and in awesome.

So listen up, and make your own list... who would be in your Mount Rushmore of Actresses?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Episode 226: Baby Mamas

Happy belated Mother's Day from Dave, Mikey, and Pinky!  Joined by Terrence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, the episode celebrates the movies of favorite "baby mamas".

First up, a round of The Ryan Phillippe Game, naming films from the likes of Ethan Hawke, Sean Bean, Sam Jackson and so many more.  The pressure is on and the time is fleeting!  And a Beverly Cleary rat mention!

And then... celebrating Mother's Day a few weeks late, the hosts talk about the movies that their significant others happen to love.  Mikey's wife Ashley... Dave's wife Stephanie (his wife, not Mikey's sister)... Pinky's fake girlfriend Natalie... and Dr Earl discusses his boo that may or may even be his boo when you listen to the episode, because Dr Earl still has a lot of leavin' left to do.

Movies like first Hunger Games... a discussion on whether the dead guy in Hunger Games is named Finn, Finnick, Four or what... Steel Magnolias... a medical discussion of Steel Magnolias with diabetes and Dr Earl (who is yes, a real doctor)... Marley & Me, including the puppy years, Marley's origin and why do a prequel when you know what happens to the dog... Pinky's hatred of The Lion King... The Colin Firth Awakening... the career of Billy Zane...

And a deep discussion on "Bed of Roses" with Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei.

And Phillip Prince, Mikey wants his Star Wars Radio Dramas back.  Jerk.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Episode 225: The Heigl & Wiig Obsession ReFlicktions

Only 775 episodes away from the Big 1000th episode! We'll let you know when its closer. In the meantime, Mikey, Pinky, Dave and Friend of the Show and Movie Historian Dr Earl come together to talk about the last four weeks of movies seen.

Discussions include... Pixar's Dino-sized misstep... the current Jungle Book and the WB attempt coming... the prison shanking mistakes of WWE's "Vendetta"... What made Dr. Earl decide he was heterosexual... What Marvel did right with Captain America... Dave's Unfortunate Katie Heigl Addiction... Mikey becoming a Wiigist... Dave making FastPasses during the show...

Movies discussed this month: Back in Time... DOPE... V for Vendetta... The Good Dinosaur... The Jungle Book... My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2... Vendetta... Chuck Norris vs Communism.. Can't Stop the Music... Three Musketeers... Four Musketeers... Walt Before Mickey... The Selfish Giant... Everybody Wants Some... Captain America Civil War... Elvis & Nixon... Best in Show... Jackie & Ryan... Hateship Loveship... Crossroads... Pay the Ghost... Regression... Keanu... Explorers... Batkid Begins... Special Correspondence... Good Night Mommy... Envy... Hush... Green Room... Duel... The '85 Bears... Adult Beginners... The LEGO Brickumentary...

The guys give their new Top Five of 2016 thus far... and with the help of Friends of the Show Shaz & Shua from TechnoRetro Dads Podcast and Clay Shaver of  the Remodeling Clay podcast, The Deucecast Movie Show is proud to present... "Dave'Splosion 2016", a collection of really bad action/sci fi/blow 'em up films that Dave will have to see in the next several weeks.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Episode 224: Summer Movie Preview, ft Capt America & J-Kaufman as "Cobretti"

It's the summer movie season and The Deucecast Movie Show is here to give you the lowdown on a few dozen flicks that you should see (Suicide Squad) and miss (War Craft) and everything in between.

In the studio, joining Mikey, Pinky & Dave is friend of the show, movie historian and Terrence Malick apologist Dr. Earl, and welcoming on the Binder & Binder Law Firm Hotline is Delightful Life website podcast host, writer, mother and blogger Jennifer Kaufman.

First, the birthday movies where you can find out how old Shrek is, as well as Barb Wired (!) and then a brand new game called "Horse or Communist"... what is a movie from foreign land, and what is the name of a Kentucky Derby contending horse?  Find out here.

And then, the Summer Movies take over... thoughts, opinions and previews on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot with the great Chris Hemsworth role... lamenting the absence of Rick Moranis... the completion of the latest X-Men trilogy... the ballroom blitz of Suicide Squad... why d$ loves the not-Star Trekky new Star Trek... a Scott Bakula name dropping!... Finding Dory... Pinky's stretching of the rules... and of course, more Superman III talk.  Why?  Ask Pinky... Zac Efron returns... more Angry Birds... the deep of The Shallows... Neon Demon making everyone yell "Elle Yes"... and two of the hosts find their movie in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates... the 73rd installment of Ice Age... and yes, talking food in an adult cartoon called Sausage Party.

Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess also submits his movies he wants to see, including independent fair like The Lobster and Swiss Army Man.

America's Favorite Movie Segment returns with Pinky discussing Over the Top in a Pretty in Pink session.  And here Pinky say the words "I have a movie fetish! I like..."

And finally, the Captain America review.  The group talks openly about the film with a SPOILER FREE...

...then gives you plenty of chances to turn the channel as the group goes SPOILER ALERT CRAZY with a spoiler filled discussion on the film.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Episode 223: Deucecast Origins

(Show art co-art'ed by Remodeling Clay Shaver)

This episode is like a four fingered hand... the Pinky is missing.  Out doing something with his fake girlfriend on a fake date, filming a fake short film. Or something.
Tonight, it's Dave and Mikey on a very special episode.  If this were an 80's sitcom, a "Very Special Episode" would mean that Dave was dealing with an eating disorder or Mikey was playing inside of a fridge and got locked in... but for The Deucecast Movie Show, it's the short-awaited "origins episode."

Where did the name "Deucecast" come from?  How did Mikey and Dave meet each other?  Where does Pinky come in?  Who is Tommy?  Is Shawn real? 

Dave and Mikey pull back the curtain to talk about what happened to lead to the most popular movie podcast with the name "Deucecast" in the title.  

Plus, a Q&A session, answering inquires from Facebook and email and Twitter, like the hosts' first theatrical films, thoughts on the new release boxes at home, forgotten TV shows into films and more.
Also, listing some fans' own lists of their Top 10 films of all time.  And finally, an in-depth look at a Top 100 list and how to put it together. 

And of course, a name drop of the band Tantric. Because of course Tantric.

Make sure you visit our friends of the show's websites, like Craig Harmann, the worship leader...  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ep 222: Whoever's in New England with Joe Tavano

Taking the podcast to a Southie Direction, Mikey, Dave and Pinky bring in fellow movie lover, geek and all around cool dude Joe Tavano, the founder of RetroZap Podcasting Network.

As the guys begin, a brand new game emerges... "NAME THAT SEAGAL".  Can you tell one Steven Seagal movie from another?  It's harder than you think...

Diving into Boston Films, movies set in and around the Boston area take center stage... classics like "The Town", "The Departed" and even "Celtic Pride"... okay, maybe not all three of those make it.  And Joe, being from the area, gives the down-low on several films like "Jaws", "Mystic River" and even "Fever Pitch".  Plus, the trend of mid-80's New England beach films that feature boats and regattas.  

And what to expect when John Laroquette is atop your movie poster.

Bonus!  What song might be Boston' theme song? Well Dave has no idea, but that doesn't stop him from trying, does it?

And don't forget to check out some our favorite shows on RetroZapped.Com, like Skywalking Through Neverland, TechnoRetro Dads, Brews & Blasters and others! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Episode 221: April ReFlicktions

Mikey, Dave & Pinky return again to discuss all the movies seen in the past few weeks.

The death stick problem in "Chasing Amy"... Lamenting the absence of Jason Lee... Dave's continuing quest to see all of Marisa Tomei's, Amy Adams and Elizabeth Olsen's films... The Dearth of Comic Movies coming up... Bruce Jenner being a dude... and a review from Dave on Mikey's punishment movie for losing the Oscar pool...

Movies reflickted this month:

Chasing Amy... Unhook the Stars... The Killer... Zootopia... The Gunman... Insurgent Divergent Detergent Redundant... 10 Cloverfield Lane... Exterminator 2... Big A** Spiders... The Invisible... Barkley Marathons (doc)... Finders Keepers (doc)... Pee Wee's Big Holiday... Batman vs Superman: Crap of Justice... My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2... Entertainment... Red Lights... The Girl in the Book... Bernie... Final Girl... Frankenweenie... Hardcore Henry... London Has Fallen... Eddie the Eagle... Daddy's Home... Demolition... Steve Jobs... Secrets of The Force Awakens... DOPE... Terminator Genysis... Tusk... It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World...

And the first appearance of Top Five 2016 Movies!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Episode 220: The DC Comic / BvS Show

When you say comic, you are likely talking about Mikey, Pinky & Dave in The Deucecast Movie Show!  In fact, you can't say Deucecast without DC... even though the guys are more Marvel, they dive into DC Comic movies!

Joining the group is Terrance Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, aka, McDreamySteamy, and Friend of the Show, host of the Remodeling Clay podcast Clay Shaver.  

Up first are the birthday movies ("Bridget Jones Diary" is how old??), and then a new segment where the group is forced to discuss situations where Tom Cruise may never win an Academy Award... where Adam Sandler never gets his groove back, if he had a groove... or Avengers Infinity War makes a billion dollars and yet, isn't any good.

Favorite DC Comic movies is the topic, and though there is a lot of Batman and Superman, there is also some Violence, some Perdition, a few Losers, a Vendetta, a Hornet.. and yes, Blue Junk.  

You'll also hear a callback to "Swordfish"... Mikey the Contrarian... and mentions of Jacquline Bisset, David Schwimmer as Superman AND a Plastic Man addition, though that might be a stretch. 

The talk eventually turns to the spectacle that is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", recently released.  Starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, with Gal Gadot and Jessie Eisenberg, Mikey's boyfriend Kevin Costner in a flashback and Dave's love of Amy Adams, the film is divisive among the hosts and guests... 

The first bit of discussion is spoiler free, just overall opinions... there is a warning given, then a dive into much deeper discussion, filled with spoilers.

And you'll also get to hear the latest "Pretty in Pink"... find out what Pinky thinks of "The Lost Boys"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Episode 219: The Mt Rushmore of Actors

The Deucecast Movie Show records once again from the Deucecast Studios in Meadowbrook, Alabama, and this time it's a quick 1/2 hour... just enough to fill your Deuce Cup.

First, a brand new game called "The Rename Game", finding out what movie could also be called "The Ocho With a Negative Disposition"

The main event in this episode is the Mount Rushmore of Actors.  Now that the gang has given their all time 100 favorite films, its time to find out what films belong on each guy's "Mt Rushmore of Actors"... the four favorite actors of all time.  Names like Ford... Connery... DiCaprio... and The Rock.  And of course, Cage.  Always Cage. Naturally Cage.

Plus, the sad state of affairs with Pacino & DeNiro... and which actor is considered "Comfort Food"... and Mikey gets morbid about the mortality of acting icons... 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Episode 218: The All Time Top Five Favorite Films

It's been a year in the making, but here it is... five films from Mikey, from Dave, and from Pinky, along with special guests Remodeling Clay Shaver and local filmmaker Jeremy Burgess, who give their five of all time.

Jumping right in, with Mikey's #5, the discussions flow on where Diehard 2 stands in the original trilogy... two Gregory Peck films... the delight of "In Bruge"... a double dose of Andy Dufresne... Harrison Ford makes a big splash... when "Pulp Fiction" is too low... a film that millennials should discover... Dave's previous favorite film ever until this one... Thoughts on "Blade Runner 2"... Pinky's weird party going habits... the generation gap between Bale's & Keaton's Batman... how to get ripped off after being paid $4 billion... and who does Jeremy think is kidding when they talk about their favorite film?

Plus, tips on creating your own Top 100...

As a refresher:

Mike's 10 to 6 -- Pulp Fiction... Clerks... Heat... The Breakfast Club... True Romance

Dave's 10 to 6 -- Up in the Air... Almost Famous... Titanic... To Kill a Mockingbird... Star Wars Episode IV: The Empire Strikes Back

Pinky's 10 to 6 -- Inception... 50/50... Goodfellas... The Descendants... Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings

Clay's 10 to 6 -- Full Metal Jacket... Chasing Amy... Back to the Future... Lethal Weapon... Amadeus

Jeremy's 10 to 6 -- The Thing... The Cabin in the Woods... Superbad... The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys... Rocky

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Episode 217: Ryfun, Amblin fun & Spring Movie Fun

It's an epic episode of awesomeness with Dave, Mikey and Pinky as they take on the films made under the banner of Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment.  To take on such a task, not only is friend of the show, Terrence Malick Apologist and Movie Historian, the esteemable Dr. Earl brought in, but radio host and host of My Star Wars Story and Dinner For Geeks podcasts Scott Ryfun.

After the intros, a stirring game of Denzel brings forth the films of Rob Schneider, who played the love interest chick in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and "the guy, I'm seeing the guy in Herbie Fully Loaded"... plus, the most Edward Woodward Talk you've ever heard on The Deucecast Movie Show!

Plus, could a podcast called "My Steel Magnolias Story" work?  Maybe?  Maybe not?

The Spring Movie Preview takes shape, giving the rundown on how DC's television rocks and movies suck, while Marvel's TV is okay and their movies rock... prospects of the new "Insurgent Detergent Redundant" film... Hiddleston's Hank Williams movie... the major fault in the third installment of "The Ring" series... Don Cheadle's bid for the Oscar... the film that Dave considers a loose reboot of "Troop Beverly Hills"... a first person shooter movie... the lack of buzz for the live action "Jungle Book"...

From the director of "New Year's Day" and "Valentine's Day", the next in the series of random holiday flicks...

And... what flick seems like a ripoff of the Dabney Coleman classic "Short Time"?

And then, the gang dives into their favorite Amblin Films (you can see the list of Amblin movies here).  Among the discussion points:  That time that Disney & Warner Brothers worked together... more shocking revelations of films that Pinky hasn't seen... Mikey's irrational fear of Peter Coyote... John Goodman as an exterminator... the peak of Harley Jane Kozak... the controversy of Poltergeist and Amblin... The History Channel version of Steven Spielberg... the dim prospects of Christian Bale... Scott Ryfun's hate/love for Spielberg... Audrey's final movie... and lots of Saving Private Ryan talk.

Pretty in Pink takes on the movie "Heathers"... and guest Scott Ryfun chooses the next Pretty in Pink film!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Episode 216: The 2016 Deucie Awards

The Guitar Guy, aka iOTA, aka Sean Hape, nominated for Best
Music for Mad Max Fury Road...
It's the show when we finally close the book on The Year in Film 2015... Dave, Mikey & Pinky not only talk about their Top Ten Fave Films of 2015, but its also time for The 3rd Annual Deucecast Motion Picture Awards for the Best in Motion Picture Films, aka, "The Deucies".

Great films like Room, Kingsman Secret Service, that latest Star Wars film, Steve Jobs and even The Intern are remembered and celebrated here. 

Will Brie Larson get her first Deucie after being nominated 3 times in her career (twice this year), or will Emily Blunt steal it for her thrilling her performance in Sicario?

In the stacked Supporting Actor, what will become of a Bale vs Goggins vs del Toro vs Hardy vs Isaac battle? 

For the first time ever, there was a complete unanimous winner in a category!  

Will Fantastic Four take home The Worst Film Deucie, or will Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser finally win something?  

Find out the answers to these burning questions and more... plus a quick take on Zootopia! 

The Deucie Nomination List

The Big Short
Mad Max Fury Road
The Revenant
Steve Jobs
JJ Abrams (Star Wars The Force Awakens)
Alenjandro Inarritu (The Revenant)
Tom McCarthy (Spotlight)
George Miller (Mad Max Fury Road)
Quentin Tarantino (The Hateful Eight)
Bryan Cranston (Trumbo)
Matt Damon (The Martian)
Paul Dano (Love & Mercy)
Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)
Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs)
Emily Blunt (Sicario)
Brie Larson (Room)
Jennifer Lawrence (Joy)
Daisy Ridley (Star Wars The Force Awakens)
Amy Schumer (Trainwreck)
JJ Abrams (Star Wars The Force Awakens)
Pete Docter (Inside Out)
Adam McKay & Charles Randolph (The Big Short)
Aaron Sorkin (Steve Jobs)
Quentin Tarantino (The H8ful Eight)
Furious 7
Inside Out
Kingsman Secret Service
Mad Max Fury Road
Star Wars The Force Awakens
Christian Bale (The Big Short)
Benecio del Toro (Sicario)
Walten Goggins (The H8ful Eight)
Tom Hardy (The Revenant)
Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina)
Brie Larson (Trainwreck)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (The H8ful Eight)
Rachel McAdams (Spotlight)
Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina)
Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs)
The Good Dinosaur
Hotel Transylvania 2
Inside Out
The Peanuts Movie
Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Big Short
The Hateful Eight
Star Wars The Force Awakens
iOTA aka Sean Hape (Mad Max Fury Road)
Johann Johannsson (Sicario)
Ennio Morricone (The Hateful Eight)
Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Revenant)
John Williams (Star Wars the Force Awakens)
Inside Out
The Intern
Pitch Perfect 2
Ant Man
Furious 7
Kingsman Secret Service
Mad Max: Fury Road
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Ant Man
Ex Machina
Mad Max Fury Road
The Martian
Star Wars The Force Awakens
The Big Short
The Hateful Eight
Dave Franco (Unfinished Business)
Kevin James (Paul Blart Mall Cop 2)
Toby Kebbell (Fantastic Four)
David Space (Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser)
Channing Tatum (Jupiter Ascending)
Fantastic Four
Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser
Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
Unfinished Business

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Episode 215: Pure ReFlicktions

It's another round of the latest movies seen!  The monthly ReFlicktions Show commences!  Dave, Mikey and Pinky are joined once again by Terrance Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr. Earl and Producer Shawn, while Producer Tommy geochaches in South America, we think.

Birthday movies give the gang a great reason to namedrop "GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords", then some Oscar talk.

Will we still think "Spotlight" is the best movie of the year five years from now?  Who should have won instead of Mark Rylance?   Plus, who won the Oscar pool and what horrid film gets assigned to the losers...

Touching on topics like... Amy Adams in a bit part... "99 Homes" not "99 Holmes", Dr Earl... a great discussion on "Hail, Caesar!" and where the Coens are going... Marisa Tomei with a bad accent... CSI: Jerusalem... 12 long minutes spent on George Strait's "Pure Country"... the strangeness of the Wolfpack Family...

Plus, a long discussion on Deadpool and the future of Rated R comic book films... the path of the Coen Brothers and why "Hail, Caesar!" may be divisive...

Movies discussed include:

Turbo Kid... Kung Fury... Barton Fink... Lullaby... DOPE... 99 Homes... Hail, Caesar!... The Hudsucker Proxy... Inescapable... Cartel Land... Soaked in Bleach... Deadpool... Risen... The Wolfpack... Kangaroo Jack... Pure Country... One Hour Photo... Dark Star: H.R. Geiger's World... Four Rooms... Everly... Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: Crouching Harder... Police Academy... Eddie the Eagle... Comet... Man Up.. Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Outta Water... Full Tilt Boogie... The Witch... Love the Coopers... Brooklyn... London Has Fallen... Raising Arizona... Stephen King's "IT" (The mini-series)... Burnt... Sisters... Zoolander 2... Staten Island Summer