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Here is a little sumpin sumpin about the guys you hear on the Cast...

THE DEUCECAST... born out of a want to hang out some, Mikey & d$ were two of four guys who lived in The Deuce, an apartment in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. After four years, the apartment disbanded, as each member of the group went to seek his own fame and fortune (and bride) in the world. In 2011, Mikey called d$ and said, "Do you wanna build a podcast?" and d$ said, "YES!"

The earliest incarnation of the podcast was more of a variety show, covering all manner of pop culture, from movies to books to video games to television to the very popular Grey's Anatomy Watch and the Demi Lovato Tweet of the Week. For a brief run, Mikey's brother in law Matt also co-hosted, bringing with him the weekly Steven Seagal Watch. Not making that up. It ruled.

With rotating hosts in and out, The Deucecast reached Episode 100 in 2013, and it was then decided that a break would be good... in the summer of 2013, the Deucecast was reborn as The Deucecast Movie Show, first as a bi-monthly, then monthly and now weekly podcast bringing you the latest in new films and old... along the way, Mikey & d$ picked up Pinky as the third co-host, and the circle was completed.

Some years later, however, Pinky felt a draw to China, where he now resides in a gulag in the southern province.  Mikey and d$ keep going strong, however, bringing on Dr Earl frequently, as well as Friends of the Show Burglacious... Jenny Kaufman... Jenn Novotny... Ryfun & the Spawn of... and even more.

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Tw @thedeucecast

MICHAEL NIPP... Flashy, stylish and proud of the Oregon Ducks, Mikey is a huge Star Wars fan, crossed with a bit of Star Trek. He also loves independent movies and can handle a foreign film or two, and even a documentary, as long as it's entertaining. He's been watching films as long as he can remember, and is also an avid concert goer, seeing everyone from U2 to Paul McCartney to Garth Brooks to Big Dog Small Fence... or at least, when they used to be a band and stuff. Mikey is married to Ashley, who would rather die than actually listen to the show, and has one kid.
Man Crush: Kevin Costner
Hollywood Love: Natalie Portman (currently dating)

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Tw @michaelanipp
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DAVID DOLLAR... Short, stocky and a head of thick hair, David, or d$ as he's commonly known by those who are known commonly, has been watching films since he was a child, with his first two movies he remembers being "The Shining" and "The Muppet Movie", both at the drive in theater. With HBO and Showtime on the TV in his room in junior high, plus a VCR able to record 3 movies per tape (on lengthened play, natch), and all through college--and even now, movies are a huge hobby. d$ estimates he's seen about 3000 movies in his life, and has a ranking of 500 that he updates yearly. He is also a Disney Travel Planner, and writes for a blogsite, and is married to Stephanie, who would rather die than to actually listen to the show, and has one kid.

Man Crush: The Rock
Hollywood Love: Amy Adams (currently dating) and Ashley Judd (an old flame)

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Tw @davedollar and @disneyonadollar
IG @superdave310

He is nowhere. He is off the grid. He cannot be found. Ever.

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