Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Episode 270: The Deucecast Senior Year

It's that of the year where Senioritis hits everyone who is peering down the barrel of forever... their graduation and the release into the real world.  Of college, anyway.  The old Mikey, the older Dave, and the zygote Pinky welcome in Witt Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist and Brie Lover (both the cheese & the Larsen), the indomitable Dr. Earl... and calling in on the Binder & Binder Hotline, its Friend of the Show, direct from Bainbridge Brunswick, Georgia, it's Scott Ryfun!

First, a quick chat about Hurricane Matthew stories along with The Huddle & Waffle House saga...

Birthday movies brings the release date celebrations of classics like The Devil's Own... BAPs... All About the Benjamin... Raising Arizona... and of course, The Cutting Edge (TOEPICK!)

And then movies that were released in the Senior Years of high school amongst the Deucecast Movie Show hosts and guests.  For Dave, its films that came out in 1992-93... For Mikey, its 1995-96... For Pinky, its 2011-2012 (so young).  For Ryfun, it was 1987-88 and for Dr Earl was for 1986-87

Movies like Big!  The Untouchables!  Moneyball!  Se7en!  They bring up stories like Dr Earl's first double date... the Clark Cinemas in Enterprise, Alabama, where you have to "pick a side"... Pinky's criminal streak... early Disney love for Dave... bad Sean Connery impressions... janking on pretty boy Brad Pitt... the difference in The Four Tops & The Temptations and where does Levi Stubbs belong?... Dr Earl gets really pretentious... The the (non) success of the cast of Heat... and, of course, the story of The Sperminator

Plus, a full defense of the Chevy Chase film "Funny Farm".

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Episode 269: The Ides of ReFlicktions

Another month brings another batch of movies seen, as Mikey, Pinky and Dave invite in Wit Stillman Fan, Terence Malick Apologist, Movie Historian and Brie Lover (both of cheese and Larson), Dr. Earl...

Right off the top, Dr. Earl gives over his movie assignment to the guys, as he is the Oscar Game Winner of the year... Barry Bostwick, anyone?

Some of the topics discussed...
Setting up John Wick Chapter III... Pinky loves Kong... Andrew Garfield's nominations & career... not a Redford fan... the fascination with Tickled... weird Tom Hanks... Spotlight's spiritual sequel... Dave's cheaper Amy Adams... Olympia Dukakis lives!... tossing shade at indie darling Jeremy Burgess... the sorta good prostitute movie and the very bad food movie... Jewish Hutts... A Melanie Lynskey surge... Mikey's issues with Jennifer Connelly's needles... bad Anna Kendrick... and a Mark Wahlberg film for the ages

Plus, America's favorite classic review segment Pretty in Pink gives a review of Tron!

The Movies Discussed...
Sing Street… Monster… John Wick Chapter 2… Kong: Skull Island… Hacksaw Ridge… Brubaker… The LEGO Batman Movie… WarDogs… The Commitments… Tickled… The Tickled King (short form)… Daddy’s Home… Contact… Once… Max Payne… Cop Car… A Hologram for a King… All the President’s Men… Family Plot… Jack Reacher Never Go Back… Keeping Up with the Jones… The Infiltrator… The Thin Blue Line… Logan… I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore… Get Out… Sausage Party… The Escort… The Gift… The Age of Adeline… Star Wars the Clone Wars…  Shelter... Barton Fink…Rocket Science… Dirty Harry… Silver Streak... Patriot's Day

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Episode 268: The 2017 Deucie Awards (and Top Ten Faves!)

Roll out the red carpet as Mikey, Dave, and Pinky invite in celebs Jeremy Burgess and Terrance Malick Apologist, Wit Stillman Fan, World Famous Oncologist & Lover of Brie (Both Cheese & Larson) Dr Earl, and call in contributions from Shazbazzar and Jennifer Kaufman!

Forget the Oscars, forget the Golden Globes, forget the BAFTAs and everything else -- it's The Deucie Awards!

And during the awards, the guys list their Top Ten of 2016, with discussions on films like "The Invitation" and "The Lobster" and "Captain America Civil War" and "Blue Jay" and "OJ Made in America" and more and more.

Here are the 2017 Deucie Award Nominees...  Nocturnal Animals picked up 8 nominations, with La La Land getting 7... Manchester By the Sea grabbed 6 nods... Hell or High Water and Rogue One a Star Wars Story both get 5 each, while Loving takes 4, and with 3 nominations each, Arrival, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Captain America Civil War, Magnificent Seven and (for the Worst awards) Independence Day Resurgence.  Twenty two more films picked up 2 noms or less.

-Hell or High Water
-La La Land
-Manchester By the Sea
-Nocturnal Animals
--Damien Chazelle - La La Land
--Barry Jenkins - Moonlight
--Kenneth Lonergan - Manchester by the Sea
--David Mackenzie - Hell or High Water
--Denis Villeneuve - Arrival
--Amy Adams - Arrival
--Ruth Negga - Loving
--Sarah Paulson - Blue Jay
--Natalie Portman - Jackie
--Emma Stone - La La Land
--Casey Affleck - Manchester By the Sea
--Joel Edgerton - Loving
--Ryan Gosling - La La Land
--Jake Gyllenhaal - Nocturnal Animals
--Michael Keaton - The Founder
--Jeff Bridges - Hell or High Water
--John Goodman - 10 Cloverfield Lane
--Aaron Taylor Johnson - Nocturnal Animals
--Nick Offerman - The Founder 
--Michael Shannon - Nocturnal Animals
--Amy Adams - Nocturnal Animals
--Viola Davis - Fences
--Helen Mirren - Eye in the Sky
--Michelle Williams - Manchester By the Sea
--Mary Elizabeth Winstead - 10 Cloverfield Lane
--Damien Chazelle - La La Land
--Tom Ford - Nocturnal Animals 
--Kenneth Lonergan - Manchester By the Sea
--Jeff Nichols - Loving
--Taylor Sheridan - Hell or High Water
--Captain America Civil War
--Deepwater Horizon
--Magnificent Seven
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Finding Dory
--The Little Prince
--Kubo & the Two Strings
--Another Day of Sun - La La Land
--We Know the Way - Moana
--You're Welcome - Moana
--Score - Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Drive It Like You Stole It - Sing Street
--Eye in the Sky
--Hell or High Wtaer
--Manchester By the Sea
--Nocturnal Animals
--Central Intelligence 
--Don't Think Twice
--Hello, My Name is Doris
--La La Land
--The Nice Guys
--Captain America Civil War
--Doctor Strange
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Star Trek Beyond
--10 Cloverfield Lane
--The Accountant
--Captain America Civil War
--London Has Fallen
--Magnificent Seven
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Don't Think Twice
--Magnificent Seven
--Nocturnal Animals
--Rogue One A Star Wars Story
--Sing Street
--Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
--The Do-Over
--Independence Day: Resurgence
--Kindergarten Cop 2
--Zoolander 2
--Liam Hemsworth - Independence Day: Resurgence
--Judd Hirsh - Independence Day: Resurgence
--Dolph Lundgren - Kindergarden Cop 2
--Adam Sandler - The Do Over
--Ben Stiller - Zoolander 2

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Episode 267: The Mount Rushmore of That Girls

The Deuce Guys Dave, Mikey and Pinky have discussed their own personal Mount Rushmore of Actors (Ep 219)... Actresses (Ep 227)... Directors (Ep 241) and That Guys (Ep 250)... and to continue the series, they now turn their attention to the character actors of the fairer kind, the Mount Rushmore of That Girls!

The names you may or may not know of those lovely actresses who you see and say, "Oh, that's that girl who was in '13 Going on 30'!" or "That's that girl who was in 'The Fighter'!" or "That girl is Stifler's Mom!"

See if you can remember the choices we make... Hope Davis!  John Cusack's sister!  Cobie Smulders!  And after this year's Oscars, Dave's Marisa Tomei comment is even more prescient!