Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Episode 579: Our Fave Movie Coaches


Sometimes the topics come to the guys easy, especially when they fit around the guest so perfectly -- hence, we finally discuss our Top Five Fave Movie Coaches, as we bring on a returning fave and now a head coach in his own right, Clay Shaver! 

Clay lets everyone know where he's been, and how he's now a high school basketball coach. 

Then, some birthday movies, letting the world know exactly how old movies like Scream 2, Cop & a Half, and Soylent Green are... and of course, Ladybugs. RIP Jonathan Brandis.

A rousing game of Denzel is up next, with a surprise winner in dominating fashion.

Then, the Top Five Movie Coaches -- naturally you'd think football, or just even any sport, but leave it to dear ol' Mikey to make it weird. Plus, great discussions on this generation's "Caddyshack"... Tom Hanks being a great drunk... Gene Hackman and Jack Nicholson are old... and what might be the best bowling movie not named The Big Lebowski... 

Plus Coach Shaver let's the audience know why "Lady" is not appreciated. 

And the movies discussed and where to find them:
  • The Bad News Bears - for rental
  • Caddyshack - HBO Max
  • Chariots of Fire - for rental
  • The Cutting Edge - Tubi's CracklePlex
  • Dodgeball - HBO Max
  • Hoosiers - Amazon Prime
  • The Karate Kid - for rental
  • Kick-Ass - for rental
  • Kingpin - Amazon Prime; Paramount+
  • Ladybugs - STARZ 
  • A League of Their Own - Netflix
  • Magnolia - for rental
  • Major League - for rental
  • McFarland USA - Disney+
  • Miracle - Disney+
  • The Natural - STARZ
  • Necessary Roughness - for rental 
  • The Replacements - HBO Max
  • Revenge of the Nerds - Hulu
  • The Way Back - Amazon Prime

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