Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Intermission: Scarface

Its another quick hit on another classic film, as always with The Deucecast Intermission, and this time, the guys take on the Al Pacino gangster film Scarface from 1983.  A mainstay in the IMDb Top 250, and considered one of the greatest modern era films of all time, Scarface is the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who rises to power in Miami and becomes a drug overlord... before watching all of it fall apart at the hands of his own product.

Starring Michelle Pfieffer, F. Murray Abraham, Robert Loggia, a bunch of names none of us had ever heard of, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who later went on to be blue and naked in The Abyss and also star in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (outperforming Kevin Costner... but lets face it, the left knee of the guy who played Little John's younger sister outperformed Kevin Costner) and The Color of Money.

Listen to the episode and hear the disappointment dripping out of our voices as we all expected to... well, you know, actually like this movie...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Movies about Football Stuff

On this Episode of The Deucecast Movie Picture Show... the guys tackle movies with football themes in them.  First, though, there are the list of movies they've seen in the last few weeks, including 2 Guns, The Wolverine and Blue Jasmine, plus Mikey loves Riddick...

Our "See This, Not That" game challenges the guys to find a good and a bad movie with Julia Roberts, Kevin James and more... while Pinky struggles bigtime with The Movie Game.

The main topic is Football films, like The Blind Side and The Waterboy and Any Given Sunday, plus heated debates about whether Jerry Maguire, The Last Boy Scout or Lucas are actually football films... hmm...

Join us next week on The Deucecast Intermission, as we take on the bloody mess that is Scarface, and while d$ is out for the following The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, Mikey and Pinky hold down the fort with whatever they feel like discussing!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Intermission: Sabrina

On the episode of The Deucecast: Intermission.... Mikey, Pinky and d$ channel the romance by taking on a 1954 classic (and thereby fueling Mikey's odd mancrush on William Holden) called "Sabrina".

Its a tale of a girlish crush, a playboy gent and an older brother... the girl loves the gent, who is attached to someone else, and that someone else is the key to a mega business deal... and all the sorts of hilarity and heartstrings-pulledness occurs along the way.

The guys discuss the likes and dislikes of the film, along with all sorts of little trivia (like, did you know Humphrey Bogart thought Audrey Hepburn was talentless, and that co-star William Holden was kinda stupid?)

Don't forget, next week on The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, all the usual frivolity, including discussing football films... and then on the next Deucecast Intermission, we go family friendly... with Al Pacino's "Scarface"

Monday, September 2, 2013

Movies Made into TV Series

On this episode of The Deucecast Movie Picture Show... Mikey, Pinky & d$ once again join forces to fight the evils of non-movie watching, to promote the good of movie watching, and to discuss lots and lots of movies watched.

In ReFlicktions, bringing up the films seen in the last two weeks, the guys hit a number of titles, including "View From the Top"... "Mud"... "CLUE"... "The Evil Dead", the original.... "The World's End"... "Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams"... and a bunch of indy films that Mikey loved, like "Muscle Shoals" and "Zero Charisma".

The topic today included movies that were turned into television shows, like "Ferris Bueller"... "The Real Ghostbusters"... a few of the 403 "Stargate" reiterations... and d$'s love of "Muppet Babies".  Some tackled it from the angle of "good movies that were turned into good and bad shows", and we also hit the side of "eh movies turned into good tv shows", like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", to which Pinky had no idea that it was, in fact, a movie first.

The guys also touch on the movies that were assigned to them to see, including "Side Effects"... "Muriel's Wedding"... and an odd film that Pinky will put into his DVD collection from here on out.

The Ryan Phillippe Game returns, with Mikey, d$ and Pinky battling it out as to who can name the most films of a given actor, and in a new twist on "See This, Not That", names and topics are tossed out at random via the "Magic Movie Wheel".

Finally, d$ ends the show on a personal note, with a non-movie related topic, but is still good to hear...

Next go round... the guys take on "Football Themed Films" for the now-here football season... and don't forget next week's Intermission, where we discuss at length the Audrey Hepburn classic, "Sabrina"


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