Friday, July 29, 2011

Episode XVII: The Fellowship of the Podcast

ANOTHER EPISODE of The World Famous Deucecast!  The boys welcome in Dr. Earl (used only for medicinal purposes) for another night of pop culturey awesomeness.

Mikey laments his feelings about "Cars 2", Matty discusses the benefits of a Mobi Wrap vs The Chemical Brothers Swaddling Blankets, and d$ yearns for Star Wars Bedding.

The guys also wax poetic on such topics as... Amy Winehouse's death... love for Captain America... Harrison Ford's grumpiness... Mike's Music Minute rolls through the cool Gavin Rossdale of Bush and the wussbucket Gavin Rossdale as a solo career... Matt's Potluck Smorgasbord gives a plateful of trends that have overstayed their welcome like planking, owling, flash mobs, running marathons, reality shows that make celebrities (and not the other way around), rapper Xhibit's racist accusations and how everything kills your baby...

Dr. Earl rolls out the History of the Nubbin... and The Review Stew returns and makes for a really entertaining game.  And The Big Three tackles the topic of "Best Movies of the Last Five Years", which guarantees appearances from J.J. Abrams... Chris Nolan... Tarantino... Milkshakes... September 11th and more...
Join us next week for a rousing round of The Movie Game and The Big Three Most Awesome "That Guys" in Movie History... that's on The Deucecast Episode XVIII: The Podcast Towers!!

Mike's Music Minute:
The Deucecast Team's Top Movies from 2006-10:
The Deucecast Team Dares You To Buy This:
Seagal of the Week:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Deuce Pottercast

Mr bean Harry potter by ~alexdarkred on deviantART

What do you get when you take the latest Harry Potter flick, three dorks and three microphones? You get a podcast called "The Deucecast Pottercast."

Separate from the regular shows, Davy Potter, Ron Mattley and Hermikeone Granger sit back and discuss all things Potter for 45 minutes... diving into spoiler territory for the new film, the discussion ranges from likes and dislikes, love for the film and series, criticism for the film and series and even more.

Covering not just the movies, The Deuce Pottercast even takes on the books and the mythology, plus a love of all things Alan Rickman.
Download it today!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Episode XVI: Podcast Salvation

Check out Berean Christian Resource Center here online as well as their eBay store... we love these guys and hope they continue to do well...

Our 16th go-round at The Deucecast, and its a doozy... right off the bat, we jump into Harry Potter at midnight... Matt's love of being a father... d$'s excitement of being an upcoming dad... and how to ghetto rig the A/C on a ten year old POS Jetta... The Music Minute brings the great awesome lovely average sounds of The Broken Bells... thoughts on "Skyline"... thoughts on "Rango"... thoughts on "I Am Number Four"...

Matt's Potluck Smorgasbord opens up a great discussing on the value and awesomeness (and sometimes un-awesomeness) of movie trailers, including "The Dark Knight Rises"... "The Amazing Spiderman"... "Star Trek"... "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith"... "Inception"... "The Matrix"... "Punisher"... "Cowboys and Aliens"... the films and trailers of M. Night Shymalan... and a spirited discussing on the value (re: crap) that is "Where the Wild Things Are"

We also discuss Marc Singer's possible comeback... a new Al Gore Movie from The Cartoon Network... a Boba Fett movie?... The Dark Tower books and collapse of the movie project... Kevin Costner and Mikey's big crush on him... the talent of Jon Favreau... Mark Wahlberg and how Nathan Fillion is better... the first The Deucecast mention of Lou Ferrigno...

The Big Three tackles our favorite TV characters of all time, including characters from LOST... Friday Night Lights... The Simpsons... The Wonder Years... Mikey's teen soap operas... X-Files... and more!  heh heh... heh heh... he said "more"...

Finally... another edition of America's Favorite Gangsta Rap Segment, "TONE LOC WATCH"...

And... Seagal Watch.

PLUS--Our PotterCast!  Download a separate 'cast for nothing but Harry Potter talk--the movies, the books, how great the final film was, and spoilers galore...

Join us next week when Dr. Earl returns with more Medical Minutae, and we discuss our Big Three Favorite Movies of the Last Five Years... on The Deucecast XVII: The Fellowship of the Podcast
The Deuce Approved Music:
Meyrin Fields EP - Broken Bells
Music From The Motion Picture Phenomenon

The Deuce Approved Movies:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Three-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
Crash And Burn/Robot Wars (Double Feature)
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (10th Anniversary Special Collector's Edition)

The Deuce Approved Books:
Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

The Deucecast Team's Top 3 Favorite TV Characters:
The X-Files: The Complete Collector's Edition
The Simpsons: Season One
The Wonder Years - Complete Series (Seasons 1-6) (Import)

Tone Loc of the Week:
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Seagal of the Week:
On Deadly Ground

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Episode XV: Rise of the Podcasts


Joining Matty, Mikey and d$ this week is friend of the show Big Wookiee, making his debut appearance on the podcast!

NYTimes and The Deuce Weekly best selling author
Brian Bosworth, in one of the greatest book
covers in the history of all mankind. How hard
would it be to get him on the show? Seriously?
What could he possibly be doing now?
The show kicks off with a quick discussion on everything from Horrible Bosses to Wookiee Daddy summers. Matty recaps a baby roadtrip, and the death of a family car, Wookiee takes on the Birmingham Barons moving to downtown and stupid traffic violations, d$ spells out his plan for his 250 favorite movies of all time, and Mikey discusses family life and Brian Wilson's beard. No, that's not a crappy hipster band discussed on Mike's Music Minute. Other topics include Ahnold's latest movie, more GI Joe news, the hope of Evil Dead 4, our first installment of "Carnie Wilson Watch" and more Grey's Anatomy!

The guys have fun with Jon Bon Iver, who is featured on Mike's Music Minute, while Matt talks about last year's summer movies versus this year's summer movies on The 'Bord, and d$ pulls out a great Val Kilmer Buried Treasure.

The Big Three topic this week is all time favorite sports movies, and we cover hockey ("Mystery, Alaska"), baseball ("Major League", "The Sandlot"), football ("The Blind Side", "Friday Night Lights"), the foosball ("The Waterboy"), basketball ("Hoosiers"), golf ("Happy Gilmore", "Tin Cup"), BMX Racing ("R.A.D.") and whatever the heck "Robot Jox" covers... and much, much more... and of course, a mandatory Brian Bosworth discussion.

Faux or Show is our game of the week, with our first ever Jaleel White/Steve Urkel mention.

And, of course, Seagal Watch, as The Lawman takes on gun laws in Britain and other international crises.

The Deuce Approved Music:

Bon Iver [+Digital Booklet]
Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick Of Time

The Deucecast Team's Favorite Sports Movies:

Tin Cup
Hoosiers [Blu-ray]
Friday Night Lights [Blu-ray]
Major League (Wild Thing Edition) [Blu-ray]
Robot Jox

The Deucecast Team's Buried Treasure:

Real Genius

The Deuce Approved Books:

The Boz

Seagal of the Week:

Steven Seagal Lawman : Season One : The Complete Uncut Edition


Our Big Three is "Favorite TV Characters of All Time", and... a spirited Harry Potter discussion in the form of an extra 'cast...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Episode XIV: Podcast Day

We welcome back to the studio... Hurrrrricane Rhett!

The show opens up by a Fourth of July Discussion, as there were babies first holidays, date nights and even more...

Then the guys, including Hurricane Rhett, spend over an hour talking about frivolous, yet awesome things such as... Ashton Kutcher movies (okay, the movies aren't awesome, but the discussion is)... other actors like D.B. Sweeney and the coolness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt... wait, Joseph-Gordon Levitt? Ah, JGL it is... Michael Bay's musical choices... new Star Wars games... a "Larry Crowne" review... "Avalon High" on The Disney Channel... Hobbit casting... GI Joe casting... and Morris Chestnut's movie skillz...

Rhett's Rants throws down on Hashtags, call screeners, double parkers and of course, Facebook Moms. #WeLoveHearinRhettRantBecauseItIsSoFunnyLOL

The Big Three this week takes on the topic of Movies We Love, But Are Afraid To Admit--Cause You'll Make Fun Of Us, touching on incredible masterpieces like "Evolution", "Condor Man", "Biker Boyz" and even pre-crack Whitney!

And of course... Seagal Watch...

PLUS... Bonus Content in a spirited, after-show Transformers discussion, spoiler filled and hilarious!

Next week, our buddy Wookiee makes his first The Deucecast appearance on The Deucecast Ep XV: Rise of the Podcasts!

The Deuce Guilty Pleasures - Movies:

Aspen Extreme
Cutting Edge [Blu-ray]
The Bodyguard
Biker Boyz (Widescreen Edition)

The Deuce Approved Music:

Transformers The Movie
A Thousand Suns [Explicit]
The Bodyguard - Original Soundtrack Album

Seagal of the Week:

Half Past Dead [Blu-ray]

Friday, July 1, 2011

Episode XIII: Voyage of the Podcast Treader

It's lucky number 13 for The Deucecast! That's right, its Episode XIII: Voyage of the Podcast Treader, and Mikey, Matt and d$ dish out more pop culture than you can shake a stick at...

This week, we open up discussing the great weeks had by Matt (daughter's first road trip!)... Mikey (surprised with b'day tickets!)... and d$ (watching a Calista Flockhart movie! No seriously, its "Fragile", and was surprisingly good...)

Discussions on this episode include thoughts on Cars 2... Pixar movies... Transformers: Dark of the Moon... the issue with Disney Movie combo packs... the Star Trek Box Set... Game of Thrones... U2 Coldplay's new EP... Jamie Foxx and Tarantino... a Grey's Anatomy Update... James Spader joins The Office... Star Wars updates.. and Chazz Sheen news!

On the 'bord, we discuss cartoons made into movies... the ones that we are glad were made (Transformers!)... the ones that weren't so good (Thunderbirds?)... the ones we want to see (Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!) and the ones we hope we never see (Captain Planet? NOOO!!!!)... plus, where you could find a Go-Bots movie...

The Big Three tackles the topic of The Most Overrated TV Shows... the ones that everyone loves and we personally can't stand... and it gets heated when names like "Friends", "CSI" and "The Daily Show" pop up in conversation...

Joining Seagal Watch is a new companion piece... Tone Loc Watch!

The Deuce Approved Music:

TV Shows The Deuce Could Do Without:

Seagal of the Week:

Tone Loc of the Week:

Next week on The Deucecast Episode XIV: Podcast Day... Hurricane Rhett joins us for some more Rhett's Rhants... we'll dive into another round of Simple Star Wars Trivia... and our Big Three topic is "Movies We Love But Are Afraid to Admit... Because the Other Two Guys Will Make Fun Of Us..."

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