Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Episode 576: IslandsX: Your Seatbelts

It's been far too long, but once again, Kenny & Dolly have returned to The Deucecast Movie Show... in the form of Islands in the Stream... or Streaming, where Mikey and Dave give you their picks for their fave films on your fave streaming services. 

In the mood for a laugh? Dave will tell you go with a Jack Lemmon classic.  Want to be scared? Mikey says a random Stephen King adaption will do the trick!  In the mood for some lovin'?  Dave mentions PM Dawn and Mikey wants an Albert Brooks classic. 

Pick a genre, get a recommendation! 

Action –

Dave: Copshop (Peacock Premium)

Mikey: Blind Fury (Chicken Soup For the Soul’s Crackle)

Animation –

Dave: Monster House (Netflix)

Mikey: All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (FreeVee)

Comedy –

Dave: The Apartment (Amazon Prime)

Mikey: Noises Off (Hoopla)

Rom/Com –

Dave: Boomerang (HBO Max)

Mikey: Defending Your Life (Hoopla)

Drama –

Dave: Margin Call (Amazon Prime)

Mikey: Against the Wall (HBO Max)

Kids & Family –

Dave: My Bodyguard (HBO Max)

Mikey: Tall Tale (Disney+)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy –

Dave: Age of Adaline (Netflix)

Mikey: Fire in the Sky (MaxGo)

Horror –

Dave: Fall (STARZ); Crawl (Showtime)

Mikey: The Lawnmower Man (TubiTV; FreeVee)

Documentary – 

Dave: Beware the Slenderman (HBO Max)

Mikey: American Movie (rental)

Wild Card –

Dave: My Life in Ruins (HBO Max); Romeo Must Die (TubiTV)

Mikey: The Hudsucker Proxy (Kanopy; for rental)


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