Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Episode 187: The Fall Movie Preview + Sidewalk Film Fest

Welcome back to The Deucecast Movie Show where this time, we take on the Fall Movies... previews, discussions, what to watch, what to skip and what we are looking forward too.

Also joining the guys in studio is Terrence Malick Apologist and Film Historian Dr Earl, and friend of the show and Boyhood Apologist Jeremy Burgess, who also gives the rundown on the annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Show Film Festival of Films and Movies and Cinematic Experiences That you Only Can Get from Flicker Shows.  (that title may not be exact)

But first... a BRAND NEW GAME!!!  It's called CHRONOLOGY... you have to listen to find out what it is, but just know it does have great categories like "Oops I Crapped My Pants", "The Revenge of Seth" and "Potent Potables"

The Sidewalk Preview touches on some great up and coming films like "Raiders" and "Western", of which Jeremy gives reviews on, plus a quick overview of Jeremy's short film "Dead Saturday" with Oscar nominee Eric Roberts.

Then, the Fall Movie Preview kicks in, taking you from September thru November.  Discussions on the Anne Hathaway/Robert DeNiro comedy "The Intern", plus Pinky wishing for "Gangster DeNiro" to return... "Everest" with Josh Brolin, Keira Knightley and Eric Bana, and how its IMAX Candy... "The Walk" with JoGo Levitt, and his high wire act... Sandy Bullock in "Our Brand in Crisis" and the space epic "The Martian"... Pixar's latest, Julianne Moore's new movie, and even some Oscar bait.

Plus... M Night Shymalan's new film, "The Visit".  And whether it looks like it might be decent or another dumpster fire.  The theory that "a lot of people die" in The Hunger Games Park

And Jeremy's obsession with "Jem & the Holograms" is passed over quickly.  Okay, not really an obsession.  Maybe just a jab.

Oh, and why is Daniel Radcliffe this generation's Mark Hamill?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Episode 186: Top 100... 70 thru 61

"What do you mean I get several mentions on this week's episode?!"
From the mind of M Night Shyamalan...

"It's a piece of crap... but I really liked it!" says Pinky about this sequel to one of his favorite films of all time... which movie?  Find out by listening to the latest Top 100 episode, with Mikey, Pinky & d$ giving their all time favorites -- not the Best Films Ever but Favorites -- including the coolest truck of the 80s... Mikey's inability to count properly (thus a throwback to the last Top 100 episode)... 

Also, the improbably deus ex machina ending of Field of Dreams... having a school boy crush on Hayley Mills... a film that Pinky loves as much as Mikey hates... the talent of Charles Groden... how to see Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse in the same frame... d$'s special attachment to Con Air... why Pinky is ruining the country... the three movies d$ saw first...

Discussion on movies like Toy Story... Mary Poppins... Heat... Jurassic Park... and much more.

Plus... is Adam Sandler the new M Night Shyamalan?

Oh, and Corey Haim.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Episode 185: Top 100... 80 thru 71

Back when Lindsay Lohan was awesome, beautiful,
wonderful and normal.  And check out those hotties
in the back.
The numbers get smaller, and the hits just keep getting bigger (RIP, Casey Kasem)... it's another Top 100 Favorite Films episode, as Mikey, Pinky & d$ give you their 80th favorite films.  Then their 79th... followed by their 78th... and even though mathing is hard, you'll see where this ends up, all the way down to 71...

After a quick trip into the films of Rob Schneider in a "See This Not That" segment, the fave films start coming... who is the pansy who loves The Blind Side?   Who is the weirdo who loves Little Miss Sunshine so much?  And who truly is "MagnoliaFan69"?  Abigail Breslin makes two appearances this time around, as does Sandra Bullock, while music from The George Baker Selection, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross and even Ray Stevens is heard, another film is crossed over on two lists and listen to Mikey's list carefully... something just doesn't line up (but it will make sense in a (back to the) future episode, we promise!

Oh, and Mikey says "Woody Harrelanaissance".  Don't ask why.  Or how.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Episode 184: The Documentary Show Part II

You just don't want to be this guy, trust us...
We are back and better than ever!  Mikey, Pinky & d$ are joined once again by The Good Ol' Dr Earl and on the line is host of the Remodeling Clay Podcast Clay Shaver, and we are wrapping up the list of our favorite 10 documentaries...

But first... birthday movies lets us know exactly how old Coyote Ugly is, and the best Hollow Man joke you'll hear all day... and wait, Mortal Kombat came out when?

Pinky tells us again how young he is by simply saying he would know Warren Beatty "if I saw her"... and a rousing game of Denzel leads the show into the documentary talk...

Docs about dying basketball dreams... dying girl scouts... wrasslin'... scapegoating... sushi and the dreams that come of it... Sleeping Beauty waking up... The Dixie Chicks shutting up and singing... losing a fight with a grizzly bear... buying a Winnebago... rating a movie... and so, so much more!

Check out Deucecast fan Nic Casey's website & write up on musical moments... and don't forget to check out the Remodeling Clay podcast!