The All Time Top 100

Mikey Pinky d$
100 Toy Story LOTR: The Two Towers Moneyball
99 Out of Sight Batman (1989) The Way Way Back
98 Se7en Jerry Maguire Role Models
97 Barton Fink The Patriot Gone in 60 Seconds
96 Back to the Future 2 Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 1 12 Angry Men
95 Rounders Man on Fire Galaxy Quest
94 A Simple Plan Star Trek (2009) Dogma
93 Fight Club National Treasure Collateral
92 Nat'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation The Sandlot Primary Colors
91 Can't Hardly Wait The Truman Show Erin Brockovich 
90 Gremlins Speed The 40 Year Old Virgin
89 Groundhog Day Spiderman 2 Crazy Stupid Love
88 Nat'l Lampoon's Vacation The Bourne Ultimatum Philadelphia
87 …Say Anything Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Return of the Jedi
86 The Shining Saw Panic Room
85 Monty Python & Holy Grail Remember the Titans Finding Nemo
84 Fargo T2: Judgement Day The Breakfast Club
83 Narc Skyfall Fargo
82 Aliens Hitch Cliffhanger
81 Get Shorty Anchorman Meet Me in St Louis
80 Natural Born Killers X2: X-Men United Mo Money
79 Beetlejuice Emperor's New Groove North by Northwest
78 The Evil Dead The Social Network The Blind Side
77 Blood Simple Spiderman Reservoir Dogs
76 Dazed & Confused Zombieland Raiders of the Lost Ark
75 Being John Malkovich Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire Speed
74 Apocolypse Now The Santa Clause Trading Places
73 Magnolia Kick Ass Glory
72 The 'Burbs Little Miss Sunshine Toy Story 3
71 The Cannonball Run Mean Girls Dazed & Confused
70 Back to the Future Taken The Parent Trap
69 Field of Dreams A Christmas Story Heat
68 Superman Inside Man Lucas
67 The Great Muppet Caper Air Force One The Social Network
66 Mary Poppins Disturbia LOTR: The Return of the King
65 Who Framed Roger Rabbit The Exorcist Independence Day
64 Breakdown Toy Story 3 Jurassic Park
63 Jaws X-Men First Class Toy Story
62 Tin Cup Amityville Horror (79) Con Air
61 Jurassic Park It's a Wonderful Life The Muppet Movie
60 Galaxy Quest Office Space Wall Street
59 Army of Darkness Insomnia Stand By Me
58 Swimming with Sharks Poltergeist Midnight Run
57 Office Space Scream Sleepless in Seattle
56 Dogma Monster's Inc The Green Mile
55 Fast Times at Ridgemont High Easy A While You Were Sleeping
54 Miller's Crossing Reservoir Dogs Steel Magnolias
53 Grosse Point Blank Jurassic Park Aliens
52 Brazil Good Will Hunting Cast Away
51 JFK The Departed Minority Report
50 The Player The Fighter Pulp Fiction
49 Good Morning Vietnam 500 Days of Summer The Bodyguard
48 The Goonies The 40 Year Old Virgin Air Force One
47 The Usual Suspects The Iron Giant Office Space
46 Caddyshack Superbad Dave
45 In the Company of Men Iron Man The Big Chill
44 Reservoir Dogs The Break-Up The Rundown
43 Almost Famous Inglorious Basterds A Fish Called Wanda
42 American Graffiti Diehard with a Vengeance Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
41 Boogie Nights Batman Begins Roxanne
40 Saving Private Ryan LOTR: Return of the King Witness
39 Ghostbusters Shutter Island Get Shorty
38 Evil Dead 2 Django Unleashed The Fugitive
37 ET: The Extra Terrestrial Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade Enchanted
36 Mosquito Coast Back to the Future Sabrina
35 Unbreakable Ferris Bueller's Day Off Se7en
34 Glengarry Glen Ross Saving Private Ryan The Silence of the Lambs
33 The Fugitive Ocean's Eleven American President
32 The Terminator October Sky Out of Sight
31 High Fidelity Looper Silver Linings Playbook
30 Witness The Shining My Big Fat Greek Wedding
29 Poltergeist Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl Jerry Maguire
28 Braveheart Limitless Inside Man
27 Rushmore Return of the Jedi American Graffiti
26 Air Force One Se7en Beauty & the Beast
25 Alien Perks of Being a Wallflower The Truman Show
24 Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade Moneyball The Incredibles
23 Children of Men Halloween A Few Good Men
22 Tombstone Jaws Tombstone
21 Go  The Matrix LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring
20 Legend Marvel's The Avengers Major League 
19 Highlander Kill Bill Vol 1 Marvel's The Avengers
18 The Godfather Catch Me If You Can Inception
17 Dune Star Wars The Terminal
16 Black Rain Silver Linings Playbook United 93
15 Chasing Amy Back to the Future II Notting Hill
14 The Last Unicorn Raiders of the Lost Ark The Abyss
13 The Godfather II The Prestige Die Hard
12 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Titanic Die Hard 2: Dieharder
11 Return of the Jedi Die Hard The Last of the Mohicans

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