Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Episode 196: Deuceoween MikeTober 2015

It's the witching hour, it's the haunted time of the year, its the scariest part of the year... its Deuceoween, featuring the return of MikeTober!

First, d$, Mikey, Pinky, & Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess, coming live from the Orlando Film Festival where he is promoting his Indie Short Film "Dead Saturday",dust off an old favorite called Reel or Unreel, guessing what movie is a real reel out of a group of unreal reels based on the terrible descriptions of the movies themselves... "Children of the Forlorn"?  "Hell Night"?  Or even "Measuring Tape, Measuring Death"?

Then Jeremy and Pinky discuss some of their favorite horror films seen this month--"Hausu" and "Cannibal Holocaust" and "The Vanishing" (both original and remake) and more.

We give a Wes Craven tribute, discussing a few of his classics like "The Hills Have Eyes", the Scream Series and the three Nightmare on Elm Street films he worked on, plus a few clunkers too ("The People Under the Stairs", anyone?), and the impact on the horror genre he had... plus, how great was it to be in a film called "Tales from the Crapper"?  That's not a fake title, by the way.

Then, MikeTober 2015 comes full circle, as Mikey discusses the five films assigned to him by the show and it's friends.  Mikey hates horror movies, so this was a chore for him... what does he think about "Hellraiser" or "Creepshow" or "The Omen" or "Nightmare on Elm Street"?   Plus more discussion on the real director of "Poltergeist".

And to discuss "Sleepaway Camp", we make an unplanned call to Remodeling Clay Shaver to discuss the film--and most notably, the ending of it all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Episode 195: Underrated Villains

"I could be a friend to you..."

The All Saints Day is coming up!  This week we start our Halloween celebration with the first of two Halloween episodes... first up, our list of underrated villains.

But first, a sequeltastic round of Box Office Mojo, where d$ facepalms while Mikey, Pinky & the Terrance Malick Apologist himself, Dr Earl, limp and struggle through to name popular movies that were 2nd in a series (or had the #2 in the title).  Films like Toy Story 2 and Spiderman 2 make it, while The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Aliens don't...

...and don't hit your head too hard as you scream at the radio at all the obvious films that are not mentioned.  Seriously, it's embarrassing, with the new point system, and Producer Tommy with his new found buzzer.

Then, the villains we talk about all the time are those like Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter and Scar from The Lion King... but what about Agent Smith?  Mr Joshua?  What about Killian?  The Kurgan? Or even The Sisters in Shawshank?   Those villains that don't get the proper amount of love in movie lore.

And join us next week for MikeTober and a retrospective on Wes Craven!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Episode 194: Top 100... 50 thru 41

"I had talked about 'The Player'... Pinky had talked about 'The Fighter'... and then... 'The Bodyguard'. Uhhh..."

It's another special episode as we crest the hill on the 100 Favorite Films of all time, working our way into the All Time Top 50!

Great discussions on Barry Levinson's "Good Morning Vietnam"... Lots of Tarantino love... a Kevin Kline triple play... Cyrano de Bergerac via Steve Martin... more Harrison Ford appearances... 1980s Kerri Green... the joys of being spoiler free before the internet... what happened to Aaron Eckhart... the Break Up Rom Com section of Pinky's list... Adam Sandler's almost turn as The Bear Jew... and being sold on Christian Bale's Batman...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Episode 193: October Reflicktions

Welcome back to another fine episode of The Deucecast Movie Show, as we dive into a monthly pile of movies that we've seen... we call it Reflicktions, and d$, Mikey & Pinky are once again joined by the honorable Dr. Earl to talk about what we've seen.

When Vanessa Hudgens puts her mind to it, this girl can act her fool tail off.
Birthday movies come up first, as we toss out titles turning everything from 5 years old to 35 years old ("Oh God! Book II") and then we jump into our list of films... September was a slow month for releases, so there are several old films as well as brand new ones and even some festival indie films that you may not have heard of...

Here you'll find out what movie starred Kristen Stewart that Pinky said, "I didn't hater her in this"... Dr Earl discovered It Follows doesn't follow... the horrible wasting of a brilliant cast in Aloha... Reese Witherspoon's mistakes... one of the most pointless movies ever made, according to Mikey... the movie that is described as "like picking a scab"... the random choices of Kristen Wiig... The Linda Cardinelli-assance... when the heck is Masterminds coming out?... the career of Rory Cochran (Slater from Dazed & Confused) and finally, WTF is going on with Jared Leto in Mr Nobody???

Plus... Vanessa Hudgens' Academy Award Moment.  Yes, I just said that.

And the Top Five of the Year around the room, and our movie assignments, plus a review of Mike's movie for MikeTober.

Films discussed this month include: Obvious Child... American Ultra... It Follows... Aloha... Road Hard... Blood Simple... Eagle vs Shark... Hot Pursuit... Slow West... Hurricane of Fun (the making of Wet Hot)... Let's Be Cops... Serena... Along Came a Spider... Mission Impossible Rogue Nation... A Guy Thing... Casting By... Jersey Girl... What We Do in the Shadows... Gimme Shelter... Mistress America... While We're Young... Sex, Lies, & Videotape... In a World... Four Weddings & A Funeral... The Diary of a Teenage Girl... Welcome to Me... Dope... Captive... Used Cars... A Most Violent Year... Two Faces of January... The Visit... Mr. Nobody... Black Mass... In the Company of Men... The Searchers... A movie who features Katherine Heigl, Patrick Wilson and Jordana Brewster.  Oy... Everest... An Honest Liar... Can't Buy Me Love... and Maze Runner Scorch Trials.