Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Episode 623: Non-Scary Ghosty Movies

 With the release of the latest Ghostbusters movie, "Frozen Empire", we thought it was only fitting that we do something around the very heart of the sequel -- Ghosts! 

But it's not Halloween so we decided to talk some Ghost Stories that aren't scary.  Friendly ghosts, baseball playing ghosts, Christmas ghosts, Romantic Ghosts and so much more. 

And what better way to discuss this topic than to bring in some experts... Brock Parker making his return to the podcast (since June 2021!) and bringing his lovely wife Jessica along, representing the Alabama ghostbusters!

Plus, what the Alabama Ghostbusters are doing now, how to join, and where to find them... and an honest, spoiler free review of "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire"

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Episode 622: The Irishmen... and Women!

 Top of the morning to ya, as we like to say (confession, we never say this) as The Deucecast Movie Show celebrates both St Patrick's Day as well as Cillian Murphy's recent Oscar win -- which leads to Mikey, Dave, and #XlessDrEarl all giving the Top Five Irish Performances...

First up, a return to some of the familiar games, including Rotten Tomatoes, a little Potpourri edition this time, as well as random chatter leading up to the Top Five.

The Top Five this week is a discussion about not only best Irish actors and their performances, but those of Irish decent and ties - from a fave young ingenue who everyone loves (and is the only female to win TWO Deucie awards) to a classic star from a few generations ago, and a superstar that everyone knows to some that only have a few under their belt.

And then... the quick revelation of the upcoming Summer Series. We hope it's your favorite, actually.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Episode 621: The Almost Top 10 Top Five

The Academy Awards are finally completed, which means the Awards Season has but one stop... the Deucie Awards.  And to give out the awards, you need the nominations... so tonight, two special guests and Friends of the Show step up to reveal all that you have been wishing for (and you'll find below)

First, though, Mikey, d$, and #XLessDrEarl discuss a little Oscar recap -- what was snubbed, the surprises, the chalk of it all, the good parts and the bad. 

Then, they take a look at their fave films of the year, and while all of their Top 10s are coming up in a few weeks, along with the actual Deucie Awards, they loo
k just outside the Top 10, at numbers 11 through 15 on their lists. What just missed out on Mikey's Top 10, sitting in that next 5? What made d$'s 11 to 15, that may have made in the other guys top 10s?  And what movies are crossovers, appearing on everyone's lists?

And then finally... the nominations are out... 

BEST PICTURE 1 American Fiction 2 Barbie 3 Godzilla Minus One 4 The Holdovers 5 The Iron Claw 6 Maestro 7 Oppenheimer 8 Past Lives BEST ACTOR 1 Bradley Cooper (Maestro) 2 Zac Efron (The Iron Claw) 3 Paul Giamatti (The Holdovers) 4 Glenn Howerton (Blackberry) 5 Cillian Murphy (Oppenheimer) 6 Jeffrey Wright (American Fiction) BEST ACTRESS 1 Sandra Huller (Anatomy of a Fall) 2 Greta Lee (Past Lives) 3 Carey Mulligan (Maestro) 4 Natalie Portman (May December) 5 Margo Robbie (Barbie) 6 Emma Stone (Poor Things) BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS 1 Emily Blunt - Oppenheimer 2 Viola Davis - Air 3 Jodie Foster - Nyad 4 Vanessa Kirby - Napoleon 5 Julianne Moore - May December 6 Da'Vine Joy Randolph - The Holdovers BEST DIRECTING ACHIEVEMENT BY A DIRECTOR WHO DIRECTED A FILM 1 Bradley Cooper - Maestro 2 David Fincher - The Killer 3 Greta Gerwig - Barbie 4 Christopher Nolan - Oppenheimer 5 Alexander Payne - The Holdovers 6 Celine Song - Past Lives BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR 1 Sterling K Brown - American Fiction 2 Willem Dafoe - Poor Things 3 Matt Damon - Oppenheimer 4 Robert DeNiro - Killers of the Flower Moon 5 Robert Downey Jr - Oppenheimer 6 Ryan Gosling - Barbie BEST ORIGINAL OR ADAPTED SCREENPLAY 1 Anatomy of a Fall 2 Asteroid City 3 Barbie 4 The Holdovers 5 Oppenheimer 6 Past Lives BEST ANIMATED FILM 1 Elemental 2 Leo 3 Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 4 The Super Mario Brothers Movie 5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem JACOB PINKY PINKERTON AWARD FOR BEST BRAIN CANDY MOVIE 1 Anyone But You 2 Gran Turismo 3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 4 John Wick 4 5 Meg 2 :The Trench 6 MI: Dead Reckoning Part 1 BEST DOCUMENTARY 1 David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived 2 A Disturbance in the Force 3 Sly 4 Still: A Michael J Fox Movie 5 Taylor Swift: the Eras Tour BEST ENSEMBLE CAST 1 Air 2 Asteroid City 3 Killers of the Flower Moon 4 Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning 5 Oppenheimer BEST ACTION FILM 1 The Equalizer 3 2 Extraction 2 3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 4 John Wick 4 5 Mission Impossible: Dead Recks BEST SONG OR SCORE 1 Ludwig Goransson (Oppenheimer) 2 Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (The Killer) 3 Daniel Pemberton (Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) 4 Dua Lipa - Dance the Night, Barbie 5 "I'm Just Ken" music and lyrics by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt (Barbie) BEST DRAMA 1 The Holdovers 2 The Killer 3 Oppenheimer 4 Past Lives 5 You Hurt My Feelings BEST COMEDY 1 American Fiction 2 Anyone But You 3 Asteroid City 4 Barbie 5 Blackberry BEST SCI-FI/HORROR 1 The Creator 2 Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 3 Godzilla Minus One 4 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 5 Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Episode 620: Let's Dune This... March ReFlicktions

The awards season is almost over - we've got a few days until the Academy Awards, and another day or so after until the nominations for the real awards, the Deucies

Until then, it's time to talk about the films that have been viewed, seen, watched, absorbed and enjoyed in the last month or so... and on the heels of the biggest movies the year -- Dune 2 -- its time to talk about it! 

First up, a few birthday movies - what did come out in March in 2019, 2014, 1994, 1979 and so on... including the first mention of "Wing Commander" in what is likely a very long time.

Then, we dive right in, showcasing classic movies like "Safety Last" and "Gimme Shelter" and Oscar bait, like "Maestro" and "Strays" and fresh on the screen, like "Spaceman" and yes, the full review of the crapfests known as "Argylle" and "Madame Web".

Plus, Rachel McAdams in a period piece... Dr Earl enjoying the Barb... why Michael hates "May December" so much... and could Carey Mulligan make every single thing she's in just that much better?

And finally, the long lost return of Assigned Films, introducing the "Time Bandits" rule.

Movies assigned:

Dave: Minari and Legal Eagles

Mikey: Mr. Jealousy and Name of the Rose

Earl: While We're Young and Pineapple Express

Movies discussed and where to find them at time of recording

  • Leo (Netflix)
  • May December (Netflix)
  • American Fiction (in theaters)
  • Argylle (in theaters)
  • Society of the Snow (Netflix)
  • Are You There God Its Me Margaret (Starz)
  • Madame Web (in theaters)
  • The Zone of Interest (for purchase)
  • You Hurt My Feelings (Showtime; Paramount+ )
  • Lover Stalker Killer (Netflix)
  • The Marvels (Disney+)
  • Shortcomings (Netflix)
  • The Machine (Netflix)
  • Chowchilla (MAX)
  • Barbie (MAX)
  • Freelance (Hulu)
  • Strays (Amazon Prime)
  • Timebomb Y2K (MAX)
  • They Called Him Mostly Harmless (MAX)
  • Bottoms (Amazon Prime; MGM+)
  • Safety Last (MAX)
  • The Greatest Night in Pop (Netflix)
  • Dune 2 (in theater)
  • Cat Person (Hulu)
  • Gimme Shelter (MAX)
  • Spaceman (Netflix)
  • Maestro (Netflix)