Friday, June 24, 2011

Episode XII: Pod Castpian

It's the 12th episode of The Deucecast!

Matt chimes in from The Noog, while Mikey and d$ are coming in from The Deucecast Studios in The Ham, and on Ep XII: Pod Castpian, the guys bring you a full array of topics and random thoughts, including, but not limited to...

Matt's wreck on show day... kitty litter disasters and a Deuce story of Mikey's overly full litter box... comparing Father Days (does d$'s count?)... a bad review of The Green Lantern... thoughts on Sin City... Miley Cyrus relationship news... Hobbit casting... Jason Patric love... The Deucecast's first mention of "Solarbabies"...

Plus, The Big Three present our lists of The Top Three Most Overrated Comedies, giving us Mikey's hatred of "A Christmas Story", no love for "Shrek" and Matt's defense of the Austin Powers movies...

AND an extended Weird Al discussion, first on his new album (click below and get it!) and then on his best music and his legacy now...

And of course... Seagal Watch, starring... friggin' Chuck Norris.

Enjoy our show, and join us next week for The Deucecast Episode XIII: Voyage of the Podcast Treader

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Episode XI: The Lion, The Witch & the Podcast

Of course we talk about this... cause we're all geeks.
We are awesome geeks, but geeks nonetheless.
The Great Good Doctor Earl joins us in studio this week for our eleventh episode...

Tonight, we cheer as d$ announces his big news... then we dig deep and celebrate Matt's birthday, with Eddie Vedder helping out... d$'s dislike for reggae... Mike's love for Cracker Barrell... a Chattanooga Roadtrip... the brilliance of Kevin James... Best Buy woes... Mike's Stallone dilemma... the Noah's Ark movie... Timberlake's relaxation... Gary Busey news... in Medical Minutae, Dr. Earl tells us all about the future of medical tricorders... more Pirates talk... and Oscar nominations get a facelift!

The guys discuss their favorite songs to "Drive Fast To" and we play a thrilling round of The Movie Game... and we celebrate those movies and tv shows (Home Alone?  The Net?  Wall Street?  Buffy!?) that center around technology--old, old technology!

And this week in Seagal Watch... Steven vs. The Scottsdale, Arizona H.O.A

All this and more in this episode!

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Join us next week for Episode XII: Pod Caspian

Friday, June 10, 2011

Episode X: On Stranger Podcasts

It's our TENTH Episode!

This week, Mike, Matt and d$ cover all things and every thing... including... Mike's car shopping woes... Matt's baby rashes... d$ and his propensity to sit through bad films, like the masterpiece (of crap), Swimf@n... the release of The Very Best of WCW Nitro... watching X-Men: First Class... new music from My Morning Jacket... Roland Emmerich's tendancy to destroy the world in his movies... d$'s thoughs on Pirates and why it was actually pretty good... the love (or lack of) for Penelope Cruz... more TV news featuring the fates of The Event and the upcoming The Firm... more The Rock stuff...

Plus, the guys answer the question "Who are our three actors we'll watching ANYTHING they are in?"

Matt covers the E3 convention with news on X-Box, Sony and we all share a love for old Nintendo.

And of course, Seagal Watch...

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Episode IX: At Podcast's End

On this week's show.. Hurricane Rhett joins us in studio! We say hey to Mini-Matt... the joys of homeownership... Mike gives us Top Five Wrestling Films, while Dave serves up a very, very buried treasure with Faceman from The A-Team... Rhett chimes in on Weiner Texts... Amy Adams (whom d$ is in love with) news... Star Wars Celebration and TV updates... The Hobbits have a name... Is McDreamy leaving Grey's Anatomy?... Matt's Playstation update... the re-booting and re-branding of DC Comics... a brief Pirates 4 quip... and all of us are looking forward to X-Men: First Class!
Our tribute to Randy "The Macho Man" Savage, including Matt's Music Minute featuring The Macho Man's album... and The Rise & Fall of the Mega Powers..

Randy "The Macho Man" Savage giving us his feeling on his new rivalry with the Hulkster.. The volume is a little low, but listen up and its worth it.
Rhett's Rhants includes a new take on Facebook and those wonderful Facebook moms... and introduces The Circle of Idiocy...
And, as always, Seagal Watch!
Here are links to things discussed on the show... click and purchase! Give Amazon fifteen bucks, give us a nickel or two. Help keep the lights on!

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Join us next week for Ep X: On Stranger Podcasts, as we will bring you *Bonus* content on X-Men: First Class!