Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Deucecast LXI: LA Podfidential

Now that The Deucecast Episode LX: The Podcast Ultimatum is in the books, there's nothing left to do but... The Deucecast Episode LXI: LA Podfidential!

Its just Mikey and d$ in studio this week... we hit the show running with Mikey's birthday celebration... a trip to Atlanta and the zoo... Mikey's kid's fascination with pandas... his Best Buy gift card... the Alien Anthology... d$'s sick kid woes... snot sucking... eating at The Varsity... and phone calls versus texts.  Also discussed is the recent death of the TMNT Michael Bay project... a "Brave" review... TV and Movie news... and Kevin Smith heads to Star Wars Celebration.

We also remember The Deuce days, and the 12th anniversary of DeuceFest 2000! 

The guys play another quick round of The Ryan Phillippe Game, with Richard Gere, Robert Redford, and Eddie Murphy... Mikey's Music Minute with the comeback of a crappy 90s band The Smashing Pumpkins... and d$'s Buried Treasure has, literally, a buried treasure.

The Big Three puts on the flannel, as the guys list not just 3, not 5, but 15 of their favorite 90s grunge/alternative songs... STP...Green Day...Nada Surf...Butthole Surfers...Bush...Lemonheads...Nirvana... and so much more...

Next week, a very special episode of The Deucecast, as we bring in some of our favorite people, including Big Tom!  Mikey has some more crap that he tries to pass off as music... and the final chapter of the Buried Treasure Americana Music Series, with an incredibly awesome incredible Buried Treasure that will have you shouting, "Awesome!" and "Incredible!"  Our Big Three is Favorite American Themed Music... and that's on The Deucecast Ep LXII: Pod Force One. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Episode LX: The Podcast Ultimatum

Welcome to The Deucecast Episode SIXTY:  The Podcast Ultimatum!  As we celebrate 12 years since the first DeuceFest, we welcome back to the cast, Big Drew!

Kicking off the show, we dig on Mangrates... MTV Spring Break... Father Day's celebrations... Father's Day Card searches... when does Father's Day count?... The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ... Rio ... Sesame Street, the Movie? ... Cracker songs ...

Mikey's crappy music is less crappy than normal with some Danger Mouse infused Norah Jones ... d$ busts out with a Queen Latifah starring unCommon movie... and Drew brings in a Smorg that leads to a great discusson on the legality of file sharing and downloading music.  Do we do it?  Should we do it?  We answer those questions like only the hard hitting journalistic integrity of The Deucecast News Team can do.

The Big Three sings a great song, with our favorite musical moments from non-musicals, including music from High Fidelity .. Back to the Future ...& Kill Bill: Volume 1 ...and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Twice!

One of my favorites... The Tiny Dancer scene in Almost Famous ...

And the music continues with a great round of Name That Crap! 

Next week, we try and get in Hurricane Rhett for our show, with a new music minute from Mikey... the final Treasure in our Americana Buried Treasure Series... and the Big Three goes slightly retro with The Big Three Favorite 90s Grunge Songs... that's on The Deucecast Episode LXI: The Girl with the Podcast Tattoo...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Episode LIX: The Podcast Supremacy

One step closer to the monumental Episode Sixty (well, all the shows are monumental, this one just happens to be a 10-number milestone, next week), its The Deucecast Episode the Fifty Ninth: The Podcast Supremacy.

This famous scene from Reservoir Dogs made someone's list of Favorite
Opening Sequences in Movies
Mikey lets us know that when the wife is away, the Mikey will play, at least in terms of going to the movies over and over and over and over... and hooking up!  (the surround sound, that is), plus a visit to a local brewery... that is only slightly less impressive than the travels of returning guest The Good Doctor Earl, who is back from a The Deucecast assignment in the Dominican Republic, infection and all.

Mike's music lets us in on some Of Monsters and Men, while The Dying with Dr. Earl segment (sponsored by covers the crazy "face eating" story from south Florida.  And The Ryan Phillippe game is up, played fast and furious and covering such luminaries as Denzel, Jude Law and, really, how many Julia Roberts movies can you name under pressure?

This slightly less well known scene from the less well known
independent film "Reservoir Deuce" did not make anyone's list
The Big Three is our favorite opening scenes to movies, and we cover films from Spielberg, Nolan, Tarantino, Pixar, and even a little classical music too. 

We also hit on Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman, John Carter, Chronicle, That Thing You Do!, Rio and more, plus an in-depth (re: d$ was snoozing) discussion on IMAX technology, and chatter on The Hobbit and Mikey's love of Kirsten Dunst. 

Check us out next week, when Drewski Poohski makes his big June debut on The Big Show, bringing another movie smorg... The Buried Treasure returns with a classic Americana film that's a little unCommon... Mikey gives us more musical crap to have to suffer through... and we give you The Big Three Favorite Musical Scenes in all of filmdom.  You can catch that on The Deucecast Episode LX: The Podcast Ultimatum

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Episode LVIII: The Podcast Identity

Its The Deucecast Episode 58, The Podcast Identity!  Mikey and d$ are back for more supremacy in the podcast world, and joining us is the return of Mikey's (not)twin sista' Stephanie... joining us for more fun, making the trip from her home state of Missouri just to be here to see the show!  Later on in the show, we get to trailers for "Django Unchained " and "Wreck-It Ralph "... Charlie Sheen's new 'tude... Green Lantern's new choices... John Mayer's new humiliation... and Miley Cyrus' new ring. 

We kick it off with an unidentified cola-type drink, called "Cola", and then we dive into discussions about Magic City Brewfest... Steel City Pops... searching for the perfect IMAX... baby talk... and former co-host Matty visiting overseas...

Mikey's Music takes on The Lumineers , while d$ brings home another American Buried Treasure, M.C. Gainey, in Part Three of the Buried Treasure Americana Series... then Mikey tries to reclaim his dignity in Round Two of "Battle of the Sexes" with his sista'...

We get happy with The Big Three this week too, with the songs that make us smile the most... and its an expounded, expanded, larger-than-life list with Tupac ... The Goo Goo Dolls ... Sheryl Crow ... The Avett Brothers... and last but certainly not least Kenny Loggins ...

Next week... we get The Good Doctor Earl in studio and discuss The Big Three Favorite Movie Opening Scenes... and a round of The Ryan Phillipe Game... more Mikey Music Crap... and d$ discovers his powers.  His Powers Booth, that is.  That's on The Deucecast Episode 59: The Podcast Supremacy