Friday, November 30, 2012

Ep LXXVIII: Podcast on 34th Street

It's the downhill slope to Christmas!  We kick off the Christmas season with a quick one-shot salute to 90s music, including Mikey playing a bunch of crap no one has heard of and no one cares about, and d$ playing some awesome music that you will love to hear over and over!

We dish on your odds of winning that Powerball Lottery.. drink some Jic Jac Blue Raspberry Soda... discuss our favorite sodas of the past, like Coke II and Apple Slice and Tropical Pepsi... Bo Jackson's venture into the pie business... and what we would do with 70 million dollars...

The 90s music features such tripe as AIR... Spacehog... and Supergrass... and such awesomeness as Inner Circle... Sheryl Crow... Blind Melon... and d$'s favorite Mariah Carey song of 1994...

More topics of conversation include Disney's new Jack Sparrow attraction... there are Star Wars and rumors and Star Wars yet to come... Waterworld's remake (?!)... the casting on Days of Future Past... Joseph Gordon Levitt's new role, maybe... Girl Meets World... some movie called "Take This Waltz"... Refliktions on movies like "Killer Elite"... "The Grey"... "Rio"... and d$'s review of "Immortals".

You know those movies that you see when you are flipping channels, and no matter where they are in the movie you'll stop and watch it from that point until the end?  That's our Big Three!  Movies we watch when we see them on tv... movies with Seagal... Titanic... Die Hard 2 - Die Harder... and of course, Nic Cage is well represented.

And lest we forget... Demi Lovato's inspiring Tweet of the Week...

Next week... Mikey starts his Christmas Music Exodus... and our Big Three Anti-Christmas Films! That's on The Deucecast Episode LXXIX:  A Podcast Carol

Monday, November 26, 2012

DeuceGiving 2012

Because, in the South, anything done two years in a row makes a tradition.... we at The Deucecast are proud of our annual tradition of giving thanks in a special episode called DeuceGiving... and we call it DeuceGiving 2012, not just DeuceGiving '12... because in 100 years, we don't want this year's DeuceGiving to be confused with DeuceGiving 2112, right?  Right.

Before we get to the DeuceGiving of it all, we dish on such topics as... Mikey's daughter turning 2... the crazy weekend of college football and Steak N Shake...

Mike's Crappy Music rolls on, discussing cover songs of classic hits by Michael Jackson... Oasis... INXSand.. Leonard Cohen (!). 

Of course, what would our annual DeuceGiving be without our thanks to... and tacos... and Max's Deli... and The Avengers, plus more fantastic, heartfelt appreciations. 

A rousing discussion on the difference in David Keith and Keith David...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Episode LXXVII: Live and Let Pod

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of James Bond we at The Deucecast come together to talk about our favorite James Bond flicks including but not limited to Goldfinger, Goldeneye, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Casino Royale (with cheese), and the Double-0 Kid.

Mike brings us his favorite Bond music of all time and Dave wonders why Tina Turner wasn't mentioned.

We welcome back former co-host Matt yet again because we are itching for some Seagal News.

The Roundtable is chalk full of Star Wars, Disney, and movie news. In the on going saga that is the Movie Watch Challenge Mike requests Dave watch the latest Tarsem flick Immortals and Dave requests Mike watch the latest piece of crap he can come up with called Against the Dark .

Join us next week as we bring you our 2nd Annual DeuceGiving Episode. We'll talk about the things we're thankful for in 2012.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dr. Earl's Pearls

Merriam-Webster defines wisdom as accumulated philosophic or scientific learning. We at The Deucecast feel as if wisdom can only be garnered through allowing those more intellegent than ourselves to impart their knowledge upon us. We therefore present you a very special Best of Episode we like to call Dr. Earl's Pearls. Listen and you may just learn something.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Episode LXXVI: [Disney/LucasFilm Mania!] Splinter of the Podcast's Eye

It's late at night; you're in bed but not asleep. Long-lingering questions from the back of your mind drift forward...

"Does blue look the same to everyone?"
"Why did I eat that right before I got in bed?"
"What exactly is the purpose of The Deucecast? What is its raison d'ĂȘtre?"

Now we have a definitive answer for at least one of those questions. With the sale of LucasFilm to Disney, it's the story this podcast was made for, and it's all-hands-on-deck at The Deucecast Studios as we spend this week tearing into that news and all its possible ramifications. Enjoy the nerdgasm that is had on this episode featuring Mike, Dave, Rhett, and joining us remotely, special guest former co-host Matt. What are the odds on previous cast members showing up in the next trilogy? Is it possible the ".05" of the $4.05 billion sale price was to ensure midichlorians are never mentioned again? And where in the world are we with the maquettes?!?! Listen along for possible answers to these and more, and let us know what you think!