Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode XXI: Matty Rector & The Chamber of Podcasts

Welcome back to The Deucecast, as for another hour and twenty some-odd minutes, we take you on a joyride through the best in music, movies and frivolity. We introduce to the show Superfan Steven via email, and are excited when we have a huge amount of audience interaction via our Ustream chat feed... next Wednesday around 8:30PM CDT join us for pre- and post-show madness. Go to our Facebook page & click "Join Crowd" for an email when we go live, and/or scroll down and click "Remind Me" for more advance notice.

Mikey's new favorite
energy drink
We kick off the show with an homage to The Drinking Man's Podcast (even though d$ is not even a drinking man!) with a sip of Mikey's new favorite beverage, Jones Soda (Yo) GABA Fuji Apple. Ew. Matty gives his update on his Yellow Jacket war, and a list of movies twenty long is reeled off which includes "Winter's Bone", "Horrible Bosses" and some crap called "Timerider". Oh, and a snooze inducing discussion between Mikey and Matty on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Good nap time for d$. In the show we also take on the digitalization of Yoda in the forthcoming Star Wars Blu-Ray set... a somewhat serious talk on America's love of "The Help" and whether it should get the accolades it gets... a somewhat not serious talk on Nic Cage's latest... d$'s ManCrush on The Rock... the failure of Conan (Barbarian, not O'Brien)... and the possibility of Blade Runner 2...

The Potluck Smorgasbord brings us movies that feature similar themes and release dates go toe to toe. Which one is better... Armageddon or Deep Impact? Platoon or Full Metal Jacket? Did you even know that "GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lord" existed? Find out in The Deucecast Movie Smackdown!!!

Matt unearths a clueless buried treasure, Mikey shares some Mumford and The Big Three features some great underrated baddies, like Grand Moff Tarken... Lotso Huggin' Bear... Gravity... Carter Burke from Aliens... Diabetes... and Tim Curry's legendary badness.
And of course... The Seagal of the Week and where he ranks on Actors turned Singers listings.

Next week... The Big Three Most Influential Artists of All Time, to us... on The Deucecast Episode XXII: d$ & the Prisoner of Podcastkaban...

Super Fan Steven's Music Minute:

The Deucecast Team's Favorite Underrated Movie Villians:
Mike's Choice - Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)

Matt's Choice - Shooter McGavin (Happy Gilmore)

Dave's Choice - Warden Norton (The Shawshank Redemption)

Super Fan Steven's Choice - Bennett (Commando)

Rhett's Choice - The Kurgan (Highlander. There can only be one)

Dave's Smörgåsbord:
Matt's Buried Treasure:
Book of the Week:
A Very Special "For the Chicks" of the Week:
The Deucecast Dares You to Buy This:
Seagal of the Week:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Episode XX: Mikey Nipp & the Sorcerer's Podcast

Hear that rushing wind of complaint and disgruntle?  That can only mean one thing... Hurricane Rhett stops by The Deucecast Studios for Episode XX: Mikey Nipp & the Sorcerer's Podcast, tossing up a good rant about Bad Medicine.
We kick off the show with a full discussion of hibachi grills and the authenticity of scallops... Matt is pleased by his LA Noire... do tonsils have a purpose?... d$ recounts the mass eating that took place in his b'day week... and Mikey has a walker now!  Other topics include Big Boi's troubles... Matt's "Planet of the Apes" review... d$'s problems with the latest Katherine Heigl movie (and all of them, for that matter)... Kate Plus 8 = Cancelled... Jersey Shore revelations... and even more.
Mikey unearths a buried treasure so deep that its not even on DVD!  Discussing The Muppets, d$ unearths his displeasure for Clifford and Pepe, though Matt reveals his Pepe crush and his love for Faruiza Balk.

In this week's Music Minute, d$ takes us on a journey through his iPod, stopping along the way with Fergie... Sting... PM Dawn... The Fray... Sara Bareillis and more, while Matt's Smorg follows up on a few more movies watched, including pieces of crap like "Frozen"... "Let Me In"... "Tin Man" and more.

Our Big Three goes to those "Pleasant Surprises", movies we thought we'd hate but ended up really liking... movies like "Salt"... "Tangled"... "Easy A"... and the Christan Slater epic film, "Hard Rain."

And of course, Seagal Watch, this time taking us to the garden and back.

Join us next week for The Deucecast Episode XXI: Matty Rector & the Podcast of Secrets with Matt finding his own Buried Treasure and d$ taking on the Potluck Smorg... 
Mike's Buried Treasure:
  • Muppets Tonight(1996-1998) - This is so buried there is no DVD release
Dave's Music Minute:

How To Save A Life - The Fray

Matt's Smörgåsbord:

Top Movies That Pleasantly Surprised Us:
Big Boi of the Week:

Seagal of the Week:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode XIX: Podcast of the King

Heeeey it's The Deucecast!

On a very special day--d$'s birthday!--the guys come together for more frivolity and poppy culture, this time with Shawn on a mic (sans two turntables, though he's channeling some Freebird in his guitar stylings)... Mike dishes on some upcoming concerts, including some crappy band called The DooDoos... Matt talks about his great week... and d$ reveals his great birthday, except for gift woes...

Matt shares his Wylde obsession in his very own music minute... d$ goes full blown stay-at-home-dad in his Buried Treasure (including the first Ann Jillian mention on The Deucecast)... and Mikey rages about those movies that aren't on DVD, but should be... in fact, why isn't "The Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland" available?  Travesty.

The Big Three has a great theme--theme songs!  As in, TV theme songs!  We go live action this time around, and bring up and discuss The Sons of Anarchy... True Blood... Miami Vice... Airwolf... The Muppet Show... Magnum PI... Saved by the Bell... and even more.

A rousing game of Name that Crap showcases the musical stylings of Boy Krazy... The Rembrandts... Alannah Myles.. MC Lyte.. and Hazard, Nebraska... while diving into the Roundtable, a review of "Arthur" takes us to a Russell Brand career discussion... we also dish on "Planet Terror" vs. "Hobo with a Shotgun" and the Grindhouse in both... Kappas vs. Deltas in "Sorority Wars"... the Avett Brothers and the problem with success... Ted Danson on CSI... Shaq and his comedy tour... and, of course, 9 inches of Snow. 

And of course... Seagal of the Week

Next week... a great game of Faux or Show... d$ takes the music minute... Mikey digs out a Buried Treasure... and unless he's died, Hurricane Rhett shows up for some Rhett's Rhants... that's on Episode XX: Mikey Nipp & the Sorcerer's Podcast
Matt's Music Minute:

Dave's Buried Treasure:
The Deucecast Team's Favorite TV Theme Songs:
The Deuce Approved Movies & TV:
Shawn of the Week:
Seagal of the Week:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Episode XVIII: The Podcast Towers

It's Week 18 in our little The Deucecast Project... this week, we open with Matty's continuing Jetta Saga (it starts... but no AC!)... troubles with "The Dark Knight"... Mikey's man crush on Harrison Ford... "Cowboys and Aliens" woes... "Winter's Bone"... new baby furniture... d$'s visit home... Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles... and Shawn's development into the perfect physical specimen...
Mike's Music Minute takes us on a joyride with The Truckers, while Matt's Potluck serves up an All You Can Eat Movie Buffet... and Dave's Buried Treasure takes on an Oscar Winning performance from Meat Loaf and Patrick Swayze...

This Week's Big Three shines the spotlight on That Guys, those actors you see all the time, but might not know their names... like Cheadle... Pantoliano... JT Walsh... Rooker... Trejo... and... Tommy Flanigan? Oooooh... it's that guy...

A stirring round of The Movie Game sees a win on the shoulders of Trees Lounge... and casting news takes on Larry Fishburne's Daily Planet job... Mark Hamill's heel turn... Tom Hardy's new biopic... a review of "Crazy Stupid Love" and "Friends With Benefits"... Carnie Wilson news... a great Grey's Anatomy update...

And, of course, Seagal Watch.

Join us next week for a great game of Name That Crap, Matt's Music Minute with Zack Wylde, a great Buried Treasure starring Steve Martin and The Big Three Favorite TV Theme Songs of All Time... that's next on The Deucecast Episode XIX: The Podcast of the King

Mike's Music Minute:
Dave's Buried Treasure:
The Top 3 That Guy's:
Carnie Wilson Watch:
Seagal of the Week: