Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Episode 200: DeuceGiving 2015!!

It's our 200th round of pop culture & movie talk!  And it falls on one of our favorite weeks of the year, Thanksgiving, just in time for our annual DeuceGiving Episode...

We invite frequent show contributor Dr Earl to the show, along with former co-host of the show (waaay back in the first 30 eps or so) Matt Rector for this journey into the past and future.

First up, the 2nd round of The Game of Games, a collection of games that we play every 100 episodes--can Dr Earl retain his title from winning during episode 100?

Then, we list our top five actresses we are currently thankful, those great chicks who make every movie they are in better, and manage to even make bad movies bearable.  Emily Blunt!  Brie Larson!  And who doesn't love Jessica Chastain?!

We bring back one of the oldest segments from the early days of the show, The Beverage Tasting, as Mikey brings in Moxie for everyone in studio to get a taste of... somehow, it results in a pretty terrible Boss Nass Phantom Menace imitation.

And somehow, we randomly end up name dropping "Trees Lounge" with Steve Buscemi and Dr. Earl's hope for "Air Con 2".

Next up are the actors we are thankful for, including a great discussion on Tom Hanks, plus attempts to say "Chiwetel Ejiofor", Chris Pratt's rise and more love for the Fassbender.

And no 200th episode would be complete without the one time return of... Seagal Watch.

Thanks for downloading our show, be it for the 1st, the 10th, the 120th or 200th time...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Episode 199: Holidays! Force Awakens! Sci Fi Guilty Pleasures!

It's the penultimate episode before we hit a major milestone... but before we get to 200, we gotta knock out 199, and we bring a heavy hitter to do just that!  Shazbazzar from TechnoRetro Dads Podcast calls in to discuss being a geek, watching fantasy & science fiction, and guilty pleasures.  Put them all together and we have Fave Sci Fi/Fantasy Guilty Pleasures via a miracle of technology!

Also joining d$, Mikey, Pinky & Shaz for the show is Friend of the Show, Terence Malick Apologist and Movie Historian, the honorable Dr. Earl!

Kicking off, a discussion on the new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer that premiered a few weeks ago during Monday Night Football, and what it takes for Mikey to break down into tears: "I'm pregnant with Star Wars..."

Plus, the excitement of the long forgotten tradition of going and standing in line for actual tickets to a movie coming out...

Then, moving on to Rotten Tomatoes, with a round of 1980s classic films to guess the score on.

A Holiday Movie Preview gives a quick take on upcoming films like the latest Rocky film, "Creed", as Apollo's son gets in the ring... Zac Efron as Han Solo, maybe... Daniel Radcliffe as "Igor" in a Frankenstein take... the limited release "The Ridiculous 6" on Netflix... the Star Wars coming out... Tina Fey & Amy Poehler in "Sisters"... the agenda driven "Concussion"... the horrible idea to remake "Point Break"... J-Law in "Joy"... Pinky's dream of "The Hateful 8"... and "The Reverent"

Finally, the real reason for the show... the Favorite Sci Fi / Fantasy guilty pleasure films, including a Kris Kristofferson time travel classic...  a forgotten Star Wars ripoff billed as "A Magnificent Seven in Space"... why "Face / Off" is not really a guilty pleasure... a movie that features Kangaroo Warriors... sending Hilary Swank to the center of the Earth... the movie known as The Longest Taco Bell Commercial in History... Greg Evigan vs Peter Weller in the battle of undersea aliens...

And to wrap up, a Pretty in Pink featuring "Hellraiser"

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Episode 198: All-Time Fav Top 100... 40 thru 31

As Casey Kasem would say, "The numbers get smaller, the hits get bigger"... while he would go on to introduce the latest tune from Nu Shooz or the recent top ten hit from Whitney Houston, we instead will continue our countdown to our all time favorite films.

In this latest group of ten (or 30, as ten each from Mikey, d$ & Pinky), you'll hear quick discussions on... one of the greatest WWII movies ever made... a recent Joseph Gordon-Levitt instant classic... one of the coolest films d$ has ever seen... one of the coolest films anyone has ever seen... Jack Black's magnum opus... Harrison Ford being Amish... Harrison Ford being framed... Harrison Ford going crazy... Harrison Ford being crusadey... the multiple endings and expansive casts of Middle Earth... a musical number from d$'s love Amy Adams... Audrey Hepburn finding love with Humphrey Bogart... opinions on an all female cast of a classic...

Plus, this is the night Mikey forgets everything...

And, if you ever wanted to know who that guy is who played the main terrorist not named Hans Gruber in DieHard, you'll find that answer here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Episode 197: November ReFlicktions

Click.  Clique.  Bang. 

And then you find a movie that no one should like, but ya just can't help
Another fine episode of movie chatter, with Mikey, d$ & Pinky, feeling the Oscar buzz in the air!

After the birthday movies (how old is The Legend of Bagger Vance?  And GoldenEye turned what?), we jump into the movies we've seen in the last few months.

Topics discussed include... the great movie choices Emily Blunt has been making... could Benecio del Toro be a less flashy, but better, Johnny Depp... The Martian book vs The Martian movie... Dark Places book vs Dark Places movie... the lack of God in the God-driven true story of "The Captive"... has Tom Hanks reached the point where he's not a character, he's always Tom Hanks... d$'s new love of Elizabeth Olsen... Mikey & Pinky fawning over Steve Jobs... the movie that is "Catfish" to the extreme... liking Kristin Wiig...

In this episode, we talked about...
Sicario... The Maze Runner Scorch Trials... Black Mass... Whitey: The United States vs James T Bulger... The Martian... Pawn Sacrifice... The Captive... The Decoy Bride... Bridge of Spies... What We Do in the Shadows... Everest... Oz, the Great & Powerful...  Crimson Peak... Dawn of the Dead (1978)... The Walk... The Fog (1980)... Barely Lethal... Goosebumps... The Intern... Dawn of the Dead (recent)... The Rewrite... Liberal Arts... Steve Jobs... Woodlawn... Beyond Clueless... Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman... Misery Loves Company... talhotblond... Hot Fuzz... Girl Most Likely... Circle... Dark Places... True Romance