Sunday, March 31, 2013

Episode XCV: Pod the Great & Powerful

Another Wednesday.  You know what that means, right?  That means... THE DEUCECAST!!  Its Episode XCV: Pod the Great & Powerful, and P!nky makes his return to the studio...

Jumping right in, d$ discusses work... Mikey discusses his upcoming vacation.... and P!nky is still young enough to have a Spring Break that means something... what happens when you take on the Taco Bell Party Pack Challenge?... an introduction to chicken & waffles... do characters really react when you shout "Andy is coming!"... Mikey visits the movie Twilight for a special price... and in a very special beverage tasting, we get a very special beverage near and dear to d$'s heart...

Mikey, in his usual crapola music, gives a SXSW recap... d$ returns to cleanse our pallet with something for a full moon... and in a Toys Turned Into Movies Edition of Rotten Tomatoes, we visit with such classics like CLUE... The Care Bears Movie... and Bratz.  Yes, that one.

These guys were fun to watch, and do the arm thing... but man, did they
suck as wrestlers.  No kidding.
The Big Three continues our great wrasslin' theme, leading up to WrestleMania XXIX, talking about our favorite tag teams ever--The Road Warriors, the Bushwackers, British Bulldogs and more... and P!nky talks about watching his first ever WWE Raw... and loving it!

We continue our Awesome Bracket, giving a recap of first round matches--Timberlake's win... Greys Anatomy choking and losing... Busey's almost-upset... and the domination of Icy Cold Mountain Dew and Juicy Steak... we also take on the upcoming 2nd round matches, including a generational battle between The Shawshank Redemption and Optimus Prime!

The topics include a recap of "2012: Ice Age", a mock-buster film d$ had to watch... and boy is it a hoot... also, the Disney Hollywood Studio rumors with Indiana Jones, Cars Land and Star Wars Land... Robert Redford "classes up" X-Men.... the possible Tomb Raider movie... a recap of "Olympus Has Fallen"... "Red"... an Oscar movie catch-up... P!nky's girlfriend, Pinkette... and, as always... Demi Lovato...

Next Week:  The Awesome Bracket gets real with the Sweet Sixteen matchups (and after waxing the Oregon Ducks like Stanford, can Audiobooks become a true Cinderella by taking out all of College Football?)... Mikey has more musical crap... our favorite Wrestling Moments ever... and who knows who might stop by the studio... thats on The Deucecase Episode XCVI: No Pods Barred

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