Saturday, March 16, 2013

Episode XCIII: Argo Pod Yourself

Welcome back to the show! Mikey, d$ and Dr. Earl bumrush The Deucecast Studios for another episode of awesomeness...

The guys jump into Mikey's zoo visit, and the trouble in rhino relationships... rhinoes that wear flannel and love the Indigo Girls... Dr. Earl makes a really loud monkey noise... Oscar news... d$ discusses his ten year tenure at work... and could he be pulling a Thornton Melon and go Back to School?

Mickey Mouse gets a modern look in the new cartoons
Also covered this week are... Star Wars disappointments with the loss of The Clone Wars and the delayed Detours... Godzilla casting... new Mickey Mouse cartoons... Trainspotting sequels (Planescanning?)... Kickstarter... trying Big Blue Soda... and in WWE News, CM Punk and The Undertaker, plus Ziggler and Ryback.

Mikey throws out some alt-J and some even worse Sesame Street covers... then the original Sesame Street tune... then to cleanse the musical pallet, its some Grease fun!

A Dying with Doctor Earl segment answers MSG questions... or maybe asks more questions than it answers... and we hit the idea of "can fat kids blame fast food for being fat?  or is it on their parent's shoulders?"

Our Big Five takes on the topic of "Best Wrestler Performances in Movies (and not The Rock)", featuring films like Spider-Man... The Marine... Rocky III... They Live... and multiple Jesse "The Body" Ventura appearances! 

ReFlicktions this week (movies we've seen) discusses "Jeff, Who Lives at Home"... "Think Like a Man"... "Rio"... and Mikey loves him some "Titanic II: A Good Day to Sink Hard"

Join us next week with Hurricane Rhett joining our studio again... we'll have our Big Three... Mikey's Music Minute.. WWE and Disney news... Movie and TV updates... new beverages... and new Rhetts Rhants... thats all on The Deucecast Episode XCIV: Zero Pod Thirty

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