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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Episode XCIV: Zero Pod Thirty

Welcome to The Deucecast ... Hurricane Rhett joins us again for another jaunt into the best of the podcast world...

The show kicks off with a message from the old Mr. Microphone... then a great swig of the awesome Planet Pulp juice soda... Mikey discusses dinner at Mudtown in Cahaba Heights... Rhett talks about the Hot & Hot Fish Club... d$ just likes Krystal... Fandango's scheme to rook Mikey at Carmike... d$'s time working at The Summit... Rhett's love of  "Battleship"... James Spann's frenzied following... Tone Loc has more issues...

The guys dive into a rare serious topic, while still cracking wise, on peanut butter allergies... hugging kids... not having best friends... and our country's decline into "Idiocracy".

Mikey gives us some Timberlake for the Music Minute... while d$ throws out some Aly & AJ as a retort... our Big Three struggles through a weak topic of Spring Break themed films (yeesh)... and Downtown Disney morphs into Disney Springs

We also dive into movies like Batista in a Marvel film... The Rise & Fall of WCW... d$'s first Madea movie.. Argo... Oz the Great & Powerful... a terrible Ghost Rider flick... The Artist... and on Dr. Earl's recommendation, Compliance...

Finally, in our first ever Awesome Bracket, check back here in the next day or so to find out what's the most awesome Deuce Thing ever... YOU CAN VOTE!

Next week... Round Two of the Deuce Awesome Bracket... Mikey has a SXSW recap... and leading to WrestleMania XXIX, we discuss our favorite Tag Teams of All Time... thats all on Episode XCV: Pod, the Great & Powerful

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