Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Episode XV: Rise of the Podcasts


Joining Matty, Mikey and d$ this week is friend of the show Big Wookiee, making his debut appearance on the podcast!

NYTimes and The Deuce Weekly best selling author
Brian Bosworth, in one of the greatest book
covers in the history of all mankind. How hard
would it be to get him on the show? Seriously?
What could he possibly be doing now?
The show kicks off with a quick discussion on everything from Horrible Bosses to Wookiee Daddy summers. Matty recaps a baby roadtrip, and the death of a family car, Wookiee takes on the Birmingham Barons moving to downtown and stupid traffic violations, d$ spells out his plan for his 250 favorite movies of all time, and Mikey discusses family life and Brian Wilson's beard. No, that's not a crappy hipster band discussed on Mike's Music Minute. Other topics include Ahnold's latest movie, more GI Joe news, the hope of Evil Dead 4, our first installment of "Carnie Wilson Watch" and more Grey's Anatomy!

The guys have fun with Jon Bon Iver, who is featured on Mike's Music Minute, while Matt talks about last year's summer movies versus this year's summer movies on The 'Bord, and d$ pulls out a great Val Kilmer Buried Treasure.

The Big Three topic this week is all time favorite sports movies, and we cover hockey ("Mystery, Alaska"), baseball ("Major League", "The Sandlot"), football ("The Blind Side", "Friday Night Lights"), the foosball ("The Waterboy"), basketball ("Hoosiers"), golf ("Happy Gilmore", "Tin Cup"), BMX Racing ("R.A.D.") and whatever the heck "Robot Jox" covers... and much, much more... and of course, a mandatory Brian Bosworth discussion.

Faux or Show is our game of the week, with our first ever Jaleel White/Steve Urkel mention.

And, of course, Seagal Watch, as The Lawman takes on gun laws in Britain and other international crises.

The Deuce Approved Music:

Bon Iver [+Digital Booklet]
Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick Of Time

The Deucecast Team's Favorite Sports Movies:

Tin Cup
Hoosiers [Blu-ray]
Friday Night Lights [Blu-ray]
Major League (Wild Thing Edition) [Blu-ray]
Robot Jox

The Deucecast Team's Buried Treasure:

Real Genius

The Deuce Approved Books:

The Boz

Seagal of the Week:

Steven Seagal Lawman : Season One : The Complete Uncut Edition


Our Big Three is "Favorite TV Characters of All Time", and... a spirited Harry Potter discussion in the form of an extra 'cast...

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