Friday, July 1, 2011

Episode XIII: Voyage of the Podcast Treader

It's lucky number 13 for The Deucecast! That's right, its Episode XIII: Voyage of the Podcast Treader, and Mikey, Matt and d$ dish out more pop culture than you can shake a stick at...

This week, we open up discussing the great weeks had by Matt (daughter's first road trip!)... Mikey (surprised with b'day tickets!)... and d$ (watching a Calista Flockhart movie! No seriously, its "Fragile", and was surprisingly good...)

Discussions on this episode include thoughts on Cars 2... Pixar movies... Transformers: Dark of the Moon... the issue with Disney Movie combo packs... the Star Trek Box Set... Game of Thrones... U2 Coldplay's new EP... Jamie Foxx and Tarantino... a Grey's Anatomy Update... James Spader joins The Office... Star Wars updates.. and Chazz Sheen news!

On the 'bord, we discuss cartoons made into movies... the ones that we are glad were made (Transformers!)... the ones that weren't so good (Thunderbirds?)... the ones we want to see (Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!) and the ones we hope we never see (Captain Planet? NOOO!!!!)... plus, where you could find a Go-Bots movie...

The Big Three tackles the topic of The Most Overrated TV Shows... the ones that everyone loves and we personally can't stand... and it gets heated when names like "Friends", "CSI" and "The Daily Show" pop up in conversation...

Joining Seagal Watch is a new companion piece... Tone Loc Watch!

The Deuce Approved Music:

TV Shows The Deuce Could Do Without:

Seagal of the Week:

Tone Loc of the Week:

Next week on The Deucecast Episode XIV: Podcast Day... Hurricane Rhett joins us for some more Rhett's Rhants... we'll dive into another round of Simple Star Wars Trivia... and our Big Three topic is "Movies We Love But Are Afraid to Admit... Because the Other Two Guys Will Make Fun Of Us..."

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