Thursday, July 7, 2011

Episode XIV: Podcast Day

We welcome back to the studio... Hurrrrricane Rhett!

The show opens up by a Fourth of July Discussion, as there were babies first holidays, date nights and even more...

Then the guys, including Hurricane Rhett, spend over an hour talking about frivolous, yet awesome things such as... Ashton Kutcher movies (okay, the movies aren't awesome, but the discussion is)... other actors like D.B. Sweeney and the coolness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt... wait, Joseph-Gordon Levitt? Ah, JGL it is... Michael Bay's musical choices... new Star Wars games... a "Larry Crowne" review... "Avalon High" on The Disney Channel... Hobbit casting... GI Joe casting... and Morris Chestnut's movie skillz...

Rhett's Rants throws down on Hashtags, call screeners, double parkers and of course, Facebook Moms. #WeLoveHearinRhettRantBecauseItIsSoFunnyLOL

The Big Three this week takes on the topic of Movies We Love, But Are Afraid To Admit--Cause You'll Make Fun Of Us, touching on incredible masterpieces like "Evolution", "Condor Man", "Biker Boyz" and even pre-crack Whitney!

And of course... Seagal Watch...

PLUS... Bonus Content in a spirited, after-show Transformers discussion, spoiler filled and hilarious!

Next week, our buddy Wookiee makes his first The Deucecast appearance on The Deucecast Ep XV: Rise of the Podcasts!

The Deuce Guilty Pleasures - Movies:

Aspen Extreme
Cutting Edge [Blu-ray]
The Bodyguard
Biker Boyz (Widescreen Edition)

The Deuce Approved Music:

Transformers The Movie
A Thousand Suns [Explicit]
The Bodyguard - Original Soundtrack Album

Seagal of the Week:

Half Past Dead [Blu-ray]

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