Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Episode 624: The Pretentious Corner

It's been promised forever, and The Deucecast Movie Show has finally delivered.  Pretention reigns on this episode, as d$ is out of town and Mikey is relegated to behind the scenes where no one can hear him whine.

#XLessDrEarl is here and shedding the show of the uncultured swine of a Kevin James fan known as d$ and the Nic Cage apologize called Mikey, bringing in Friend of the Show Jeremy "Miss Independent" Burgess and part time co-host Lil G, Garrison "Pride of Albany" Ryfun to discuss all things pretentious.

First, a little Oscars chat... then a take on Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire... an update on Burgess' film "Don't Die"... streaming services (RIP FilmStruck) to find such pretentious films... and a definition of Pretention from the crew.

They list their five fave pretentious films, including gems from Wim Wenders (pronounced VIM VENDERS by the way) and Malick and Fassbender and much, much more. Grab your smoking jacking, swirl your brandy snifter, and adjust your monocle...

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