Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Deucecast Classic: 2016's All Time Top Ten

It's a classic ep this week, as we combine TWO episodes -- Ep 214 and Ep 218, both from March 2016 -- with special guests Clay Shaver and Jeremy Burgess

Both episodes run through our (then) all time top 10 movies, as we were finishing up a series giving our top 100... 

Here are the original show notes!

 Finally... it's here!  Dave, Mikey & Pinky have entered the Top Ten in our year long series of our Top 100 favorite films... and because it's so monumental, the Deucecast Movie Show gang had to bring in two of their favorite dozen or so guests -- Local Birmingham filmmaker Jeremy Burgess and host of the Remodeling Clay podcast Clay Shaver -- to give senseless... er, senseful films.

But first, a rousing game of Chronology, with great categories like "The Mitten"... "Bale-Out"... "Mikey Likey"... and of course, the always loved "Potent Potables".

Starting with a reminder of how each of the participants came up with their own Top Ten.

Jeremy offers up a John Carpenter masterpiece, talks about his favorite horror films and the movie that "is underrated for being overrated" and possible "date rapey".

Pinky falls in love with Anna Kendrick and cancer, talks about a movie fetish and lists the best Rings film...

Clay discusses a Vietnam classic, his best Kevin Smith and a quintessential buddy cop film...

Dave has more Anna Kendrick meets airport stories, celebrates a sinking ship and an Elton John song...

and Mikey feels some heat, feels some Breakfast and has some romance. Some True Romance.

Also, Kate Hudson may or may not come on our show, ever...

Next, how lowly ranked should "Pulp Fiction" actually be?

And... coming soon, a new reality show called... "The Burgeler"?


It's been a year in the making, but here it is... five films from Mikey, from Dave, and from Pinky, along with special guests Remodeling Clay Shaver and local filmmaker Jeremy Burgess, who give their five of all time.

Jumping right in, with Mikey's #5, the discussions flow on where Diehard 2 stands in the original trilogy... two Gregory Peck films... the delight of "In Bruge"... a double dose of Andy Dufresne... Harrison Ford makes a big splash... when "Pulp Fiction" is too low... a film that millennials should discover... Dave's previous favorite film ever until this one... Thoughts on "Blade Runner 2"... Pinky's weird party going habits... the generation gap between Bale's & Keaton's Batman... how to get ripped off after being paid $4 billion... and who does Jeremy think is kidding when they talk about their favorite film?

Plus, tips on creating your own Top 100...

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