Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Episode 589: Conceptual Sci-Fi

Once again, #FanboySummer moves by quickly, as this week, another
winner contributor joins the show, this time for best "Conceptual Sci-Fi".  What does that even mean?  We have no idea, but who cares... as per usual, we go with it and have a fantastic time doing so.

Joining the show is the Rocket Man himself, Uncle Brian E, as he, Mikey, d$, and #TwitterlessDrEarl play a little round of ABCDeez, borrowing from fellow podcaster Doug Benson, as we use letters from a movie phrase to call out movie titles, figure out the theme and try to match up.

Then, a series of categories, from "robots" to "time travel" to "realistic" and more, calling out movies in many of those categories, plus all the discussion that go with it.

And Mikey met up with Glosson to see Petra. Not Pantera.

Films discussed tonight:

Films for rental only: Alien Nation... Another Earth... Blade Runner... Close Encounters of the Third Kind... Contact... HER... Logan's Run... The Martian... Moon... Predestination... Primer... Serenity... Tenet... THX 1138...

Movies streaming:
Coherence (Amazon Prime; Peacock Premium; TubiTV)
Edge of Tomorrow (MAX)
Ex Machina (MAX)
The Fifth Element (AMC+)
Gattaca (TubiTV)

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