Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Episode 587: Recasting

After two weeks of First Timers in both FanBoySummer and on the show totally, it was time to bring a veteran to guest star -- as in, one time last summer (Ep 539) but now, the host of the Food for Thought Podcast, Melissa Reagan is here!

Her topic of choice for Dave, Mikey, and #TwitterlessDrEarl is to recast... recast what, you ask? Dealer's choice. Find a major role, put someone else there and see if it fits.

First up, the Birthday Movies, as we come to grips with the fact Ocean's 8 is five years old, Black Dog is 25 years old, The Great Outdoors is 35 years old and even more.

Then a new twist on an old game, Simple Summer Trivia, as all indication points to another big win for Mikey, who usually dominates in this game. 

And finally, what happens if River Phoenix becomes Han Solo?  And Harrison Ford plays Sam Spade?  We get a rundown of Hilary Swank's career post Oscar, and what manic personality should have played Genie in 2019's Aladdin remake? 

Some recasting roles at the time the actors were hot, and some recasting by taking modern actors and placing them into classic films - all makes for a good discussion.  And finally, somewhere d$ can drivel about his Snape complaints. 

Plus a bonus convo, with some real life "almost happened" roles from certain actors, including an unlikely pair that was considered for La La Land, a total near disaster for Forrest Gump, who could beat Viggo as Aragorn, and what if... just what if ScarJo wasn't the right person for Black Widow... 

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