Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Episode 562: Have Yourself a Kaufman Little Christmas

The Christmas season is in full swing, with our series of Christmas episodes finally set to begin -- big props to Aussie Nate, Roth from Wyoming, and Lil G for hosting last week...

But the real losers are back in the saddle, with Mikey and d$ taking control again -- #TwitterlessDrEarl off on assignment doing Doctors with Some Borders (because he's pretentious)

It's becoming an annual tradition - one that we find out isn't as old as we thought, but still will be from here anyway - and that is bringing former Delightful Life podcast host and Disney Nerds podcast co-host and sort of blogger and avid hockey fan and mom of 3-7, though we aren't sure, and the greatest voice on our show, one Jennifer Kaufman!

A little bit of chit chat and catching up -- including the movies she's seen, like "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"
, and Mikey's review of "Christmas Bloody Christmas" and d$'s take on "Violent Night", and a defense of "Spirited" -- they dive into a jolly round of Dylan McDermott Mulroney, starring Candace, Danica, and Lacey! 

Then the Top Five of the Week... the trio's fave non-Christmas movies to watch at Christmas, with some films possibly being a Christmas movie, some films having parts of Christmas in it, and some having nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever.

Plus, the incredible career of Shane Black... the graduation of Young Garrison Ryfun... fantasy movies in the holidays... and much more! 

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