Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Episode 261: The Carrie Show (with Rogue One discussion)

A special retrospective brings on a TechnoRetro Dad, that being Shazbazzar from TRD.  Shaz joins d$, Mikey, & Pinky and Wit Stillman fan, Terence Malick Apologist & Film Historian Dr. Earl as the gang talks about the legacy of Carrie Fisher, who we lost in December of 2016.

The discussion ranges from her legacy as an actress to her comeback, overcoming her demons, as well as listing the favorite Carrie Fisher movies that are NOT Star Wars.  She did so much as a producer, writer, script doctor and more besides being Princess Leia, and this episode shines a spotlight on that.

Films like Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back... The Blues Brothers... The 'Burbs... Soapdish and so much more.  

Then, Star Wars enters the discussion, and her legacy as Leia, and what's next for the Star Wars universe as it moves on without her.

PLUS... to end the episode, America's favorite running segment where a 20 something discusses movies in the 90s, PRETTY IN PINK!  Pinky talks about "Hackers", while Shaz assigns a classic. 

And bonus segment!  Keep listening after the credits and you'll hear a spoiler filled Rogue One: A Star Wars Story discussion

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