Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Episode 258: 2016's Lumps of Coal

Throughout the year, there are good movies, there are bad movies, and there are movies that Dave, Mikey and Pinky watch that are just terrible.  So as the last of the Christmas themed episodes, the trio give their worst films of the year they've seen.

A great round of The Denzel Game kicks off the episode, as they try to come up with who starred in "Slow West"... Pinky mentions the words "Midnight Meat Train"... Who is Marion Cotillard?... and what exactly is that "Female baseball movie" called??

And then... the worst films of 2016. The films that just hurt the eyes that watched them and melded the brains that absorbed them.  Movies like "Transporter: ReFueled" or "Goya's Ghost" or the Village People bio pic, "Can't Stop the Music".

Turkeys that starred the normally beloved Nat Portman or Bill Murray or Marisa Tomei or Larry the Cable Guy...

And how can you not love a movie with Bugs Bunny AND Michael Jordan?  Dave tells you how.

What animated movie almost makes Mikey angry?   And finally... Pootie Tang.

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