Sunday, January 27, 2013

Episode LXXXVI: Silver Linings Podcast

Its another week, its another show, its another revolving co-host... Hurricane Rhett back in-studio for the first time since November, and we hit the ground running with everything from movies to Demi Lovato...

We kick off the episode by jumping into our weeks in review... we discuss Love at AOL... and the Inauguration

We give Jordana Brewster more attention in 10
minutes than Hollywood has given her in the last
four years
Mikey brings out some horrendous Welsh crap called The Joy Formidable. d$ brings back some amazing Dan Seals, including his duet with Marie Osmond (that's Dan Seal's duet, not d$, by the way)

Reel or Unreal is spooled out for Hurricane Rhett and Mikey to go one on one, while The Big Three takes on Best Screenplay Academy Award winners... discussing movies like The Usual Suspects... Pulp Fiction... Little Miss Sunshine... and Sidney Poiter movies.  Plus, some listener feedback!

Disney News discusses Congress' letter to Walt Disney World concerning rights and privacy (?) and an in-depth discussion of Jordana Brewster's career... and Forest Whitaker too!

Manti Te'o theories abound... and why its irritating to d$ that Megan Fox is (might be?) a Christ Follower and Hugh Jackman isn't. 

In our assigned movies, d$ discusses his viewing of Blue Valentine, while Michael talks about seeing Ahnold in The Last Stand.

Demi Lovato makes a tweet appearance.

And Gary Busey comes back to make another appearance.

Next week... Mikey brings in some musical crap--what's different?  Nothing... d$ starts a two part Valentine's series on the Buried Treasure... Mikey talks about his assigned movie, "One for the Money", and will be excited about it... the Big Three becomes a Big Six, with favorite Oscar Winning Actors and Actresses... that's upcoming on The Deucecast Episode LXXXVII: Pod Miserables

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