Saturday, January 5, 2013

Episode LXXXIII: Deuce Year's Eve

A new day has dawned, a new year is come, a new time has entered our lives... it is the Year of our Lord, 2013.  And Mikey and d$ are here to present the best comedy you'll hear on Wednesday nights on the interweb containing the words "the" and "deucecast" in the title, hosted by dudes named Mikey & d$.  Guaranteed.

Kicking off the new year and the new episode, the guys dive in with their holiday ups and downs... Mikey's heater going out in the home... d$'s travails of life, work and so on... the Cowboys and Romo... Django Unchained... a bottle of Honey Cream from Americana soda... Mariah Carey's skank turn... a review of Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd's This is 40... d$'s love of Leslie Mann... Clone Wars on Disney XD... the flying dragon from Disney... Marvel comics... and more...

Mikey brought in some really crappy music from some band called Tame Impala or some crap like that... the guys kick off the first game of the year with the Rotten Tomatoes Game... and The Big Three becomes a Big Ten, with their favorite, most anticipated upcoming films of 2013, including Iron Man 3... Star Trek: Into Darkness... The Wolverine... Fast 6... Grown Ups 2... and even more.

And of course, Demi Lovato.

Next week... Mikey brings crap.  As usual.  The new beverage should be interesting... d$ pulls up a new Buried Treasure... and Oscar Nods will have come out, so we'll be discussing our predictions and so on... in our Oscar Series, we'll be giving you The Big Three Favorite Oscar Winners for Cinematography... thats on The Deucecast Episode LXXXIV: Podcasting Private Ryan

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