Friday, March 9, 2012

Episode XLV: The Wizard of Pod

For the 2nd time in just a few weeks... another chick has invaded our Deucecast Studios.  Her name is Brooke, and on our show, she tells her Story.

Well, thats a little overdramatic... actually, she just joins d$ and Mikey as a co-host, sharing thoughts and ideas, and the pop culture repercussions that so gladly flow week after week.

Brooke brings us the Story.  See
what I did there?
In our lovely show, amongst the varied topics we touch on include... Mikey and Tommy's Radiohead adventure... a minivan takes on an SUV... that gawd-awful Randy Jackson pin... who is Joe Kony?... what is the deal with all the brooms on Facebook?... the return of Justified... Keanu's possible Bill & Ted return... the awe and amazement of Mikey and d$ when Brooke asks, "Who is Bill & Ted?"... the death of Star Wars and Disney artists... the most popular former Disney stars... Mikey's love for Summer Sanders... oh, and more Demi Lovato.

Mikey brings some more scourge in form of supposed good music with Dead Fingers... Brooke shares her story, her Nazarene upbringing, and what her website-- is all about... and our Big Three shares the love, with our favorite TV couples of all time... some Office... some LOST... some Dawson... some Wonder Years... and even a brief Grey's Anatomy mention for good measure.

Oh, and we actually talk about Avon vs. Mary Kay.  I wish I were kidding.

Join us next week for more fun, with Drew joining the group again, as we give our Big Three Favorite Books when we were Kids... more music, more fun... thats on The Deucecast Episode XLVI: To Podcast a Mockingbird

Mike's Music Minute:
Dead Fingers

For The Chicks:
What's The Story Brooke Blog

The Big 3: The One Where We Pick Our Favorite TV Couples:
Brooke's Choice - Pam & Jim from The Office
Dave's Choice - Winny & Kevin from Wonder Years
Mike's Choice - Pacey & Joey from Dawson's Creek

Roundtable Randomness:
The Illustrated Star Wars Universe - Art by Ralph McQuarrie
Man on Fire [Blu-ray]
Doctor Who: The Complete First Series

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