Friday, October 7, 2011

Episode XXVII: Stevie Seagal & the Podcastly Hallows Part I

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Once again, Mikey, Matty and d$ return for another excursion into podcastial excellence... we kick off the show with a nod to Steve Jobs, who passed away just hours before we went on the air, then a guzzle of the Cure for the Common Cola, the fizzy Dr. Wham.

The podcast then kicks into its usual comedic high gear, discussing Matt & his car woes, mostly because of that 2000 Jetta Starter... his opinions on "Killer Elite" and "Drive"... Shawn up in the house on his (il)legal equipment trades... d$'s baby update... thoughts on Sex in the City and the beauty of Sarah Jessica Parker... and Mikey pigs out at the Greek Festival on some- Gyro Meat (SLICED) 5lb.

We hit on some important Tone Loc news (like
Freedom Strike) and Demi Lovato news (like
Princess Protection Program)

... d$ talks about the latest fare in Christian movies,

Courageous... we talk about the possible Mortal Kombat revival, Wanted 2 and a Dead Island film... Matt gushes over more Zooey and our round up of TV successes and failures (Pan Am! The New Girl for the whole year! The Playboy Club gets shut down!)... is Arrested Development coming back?! The show and the rap group?!...

and finally, Mikey offends everyone with a discussion of Church of the Highlands.

The Music Minute takes on an incredibly ehhh journey with St. Vincent (buy that crap here -- Strange Mercy - St. Vincent) and Matt fills up the Potluck Smörgåsbord with The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set

The Buried Treasure unearths two brilliant films, that being the Oscar winning dark comedy Fargo (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging), and the Oscar winning Eastwood classic Unforgiven [Blu-ray]

And Our Big Three is all about specific actors... you know, actors picked by The Deucecast Co-Hoses for their other Co-Hosts to talk about on the podcast for no apparent reason other than to fill time... Matt picked Bill Paxton for Mikey, and Mikey nodded to A Simple Plan - Starring Bill Paxton... Mikey chose Hugh Grant for d$, and d$ gushed about his 14th favorite film of all time, that being Notting Hill [Blu-ray] - Starring Hugh Grant... finally, d$ gave Ving Rhames to Matt for discussion, so of course, Matt went with Mission Impossible III [Blu-ray]- Starring Ving Rhames

And its John Leguizamo takes on The Master, in our Seagal of the Week, featuring Executive Decision [Blu-ray]

Join us next week when Hurricane Rhett comes back to the studios for more rants, The Big Three features movie scores (but not including Star Wars!) and lots more awesomeness... all in The Deucecast Episode XVIII: Hurricane Rhetty and the Podcastly Hallows Part 2

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