Friday, September 30, 2011

Episode XXVI: Dr. Earl & the Half Blood Podcast

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming! The Deucecast Episode XXVI: Dr. Earl & the Half Blood Podcast kicks off with Matt dealing with the loss of a beloved pet and a beloved appliance, though we don't question which hit him harder. Mikey admits his love for the new TV show "H8R", for the Emmy Awards and the EmmyTones, while Dave just goes off on Glee. Dr. Earl chimes in and we end up discussing The Sing-Off, thought don't ask us why.

Oh, and The X-Factor sucks.

We take a few phone calls for Dr. Earl in his medical segment, and he answers those calls, plus a few other in-studio medical dilemmas, while we dive into nostalgia on The Big Three with our favorite TV Cartoon Theme Songs... classics like Pinky & the Brain... TMNT... The Jetsons... Battle of the Planets... Fat Albert and more.

Our Roundtable discussion hits all over the map, as we have two weeks worth of random crap to catch up... Disney and Avatar join forces... thoughts on new TV shows like Terra Nova, old shows like The Office, and rumored shows like The Hannibal Lecter Happy Hour... CDs vs Vinyl... The Muppets and the new trailers... our first ever Simba Watch... thoughts on the new Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie "50/50"... Mikey's fascination with all things Dragon Tattoo... Nic Cage's immortality... Gary Busey's new reality show... and finally...

Seagal Watch, denied a corner by Jon Jones. Don't ask.

The Deucecast Team's Favorite Cartoon Theme Songs:
Simba of the Week:
Busey of the Week:
Seagal of the Week:
Opening/Closing Theme Songs:

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