Friday, May 27, 2011

Episode VIII: Dead Man's Podcast

This week, Dave returns from Disneyland and joins Mikey as they hash out Episode VIII of The Deucecast, kicking off the show with a special intro just for the missing Matty!

We tip our hat to the passing of legendary WWE Hall of Famer Macho Man Randy Savage, but also to Matt up in The Noog, who misses the cast because he is celebrating the birth of Nora Grace, his and The Deucecast First Lady Stephanie's first child! Congrats Matty!

Also in this episode... the ugly price of cab fares... the ugly side of Facebook emails... She & Him... The Hunger Games casting... the journey to ride Star Tours 2.0... the possibility of Celebration VI... a review of "Bridesmaids"... a new Transformers ride... Netflix original programming... the return of a Vh1 classic... the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice... Insignificant Kevin Spacey movies... 

...and the atrocity that is "Pearl Harbor"...

And the first installment of... SHEEN WATCH

The Deuce Approved Music:

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Seagal of the Week

Join Us Next Week for Matt's Return, as we do a proper tribute to The Macho Man Randy Savage... we'll have more movie, music, tv and game talk, as well as all kinds of pop culturey things, on Ep IX: At Podcast's End

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