Friday, May 20, 2011

Episode VII: Curse of the Black Podcast

Michael reveals his love for this
Oscar nominated classic
On this week's show... d$ rants about expensive sunglasses at discount malls... Matty complains about power outages... and Mikey talks about his love for The Hot Chick... also, we give props to The Deucecast First Lady... Friday Night Lights... the music of MuteMath... a discussion on the upcoming fall TV season... Ashton Kutcher on Two & a Half Men... How Harrison Ford has become a bitter, bitter old man... Spinderella's upcoming bio-pic (maybe?)... Lots of Piratey talk...
Gaming news include LEGO Pirates (and what other movies would make good LEGO games?  Back to the Future!  The GooniesKiller Clowns from Outer Space?)... LA Noire... Call of Duty 3 and more...

The three guys play a round of Simple Star Wars Trivia, where the questions are ridiculously easy....

And we ask the important questions... are Twilight fans called "Twi-Hards" (yes)? Are haters "Twi-Softs"? "Twi-Nots"? And is Mikey on Team Edward or Team Jacob? 
Plus, in this edition of SEAGAL WATCH... Steven and Vladimir Putin... BFFs? 
All this and more on The Deucecast Ep VII: The Curse of the Black Podcast...

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The Deuce Approved Music:

Yes, he keeps playing with the drum on this head...MuteMath at the Alabama Theater, Nov 2009 (shot by Tommy):

The Deuce Approved Movies:

The Deuce Approved Video Games:

Seagal Movie of the Week:

JOIN US NEXT WEEK... we'll have d$'s full review of his Disneyland Adventure... Hurricane Rhett will join us in the studio with his new "Circle of Idiocy" (tm)... and more on The Deucecast Ep VIII:  Dead Man's Podcast...

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