Thursday, April 7, 2011

Episode I: The Podcast Menace

Listen to episode one

We've done it... Mike, Matty Rice, DJ Shawn and Tommy put together the first official episode of The Deucecast...
Listen in as we discuss WrestleMania XXVII... April Fool's Pranks online... Christian Slater's bad tv resume... Lego Star Wars Clone Wars... The Avett Brothers... birthdays... IKEA... Star Tours 2.0... and among other things, the origins of The Deuce.

A Deuce name from way back sends in listener email, and we include our own rants on movie concessions and, of course, Snooki.

Mike's Music Minute

Tunes From Some Bands You've Heard of:
Tunes To Expand Your Musical Palate: SXSW Special Edition
The Avett Brothers Evangelism Mix created bt Matt: 1) Shame
2) Distraction #74 3) Murder in the City 4) The Weight of Lies 5) Salina 6) Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise

Matt's Video Game Extravaganza

Deuce Approved Programming For Your Viewing Pleasure

Next week... Buried Treasures brings an old flick... Mikey brings more music... a special This Week in Deuce History... and Hurricane Rhett begins Rhett's Rants.

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