Thursday, April 21, 2011

Episode III: Podcast of the Sith

Download the newest The Deucecast, Episode III: Podcast of the Sith, and you'll hear Matt, Mike and d$ discuss things like yardwork... the problem with being a film fan... the Disney Marvel connection... music like Willie Nelson & Snoop Dogg's duet... Alison Krauss... The Forester Sisters... movies like GI Joe 2... X-Men First Class... television like Dark Shadows... Chicago Code... The Celebrity Apprentice... games like the new Mortal Kombat and Red Faction...

Plus Matt's Top Five Cable Shows, like, ever... and The Slobstopper...

AND the first installment of Seagal Watch

The Deuce Approved Stuff That Some Would Call Music

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And The Deucecast Official Adult Bib:

Also listen up for The Deucecast Ep IV: A New Podcast, with Dr. Earl in studio!

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