Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Episode 610: The Christmas Gifts of 2023

It's a Marshmallow Deucecast indeed as the Cheetah Girls finally make their annual appearance on the show! 

It's the last stop before Christmas Day, with the 9th Annual Christmas Gift episode -- and the fourth Gifts ep in a row with Garrison "The Pride of Villa Rica" Ryfun joining up! 

In this episode, the final 2023 Birthday Movies kicks the show off, with Aquaman turning 5, LOTR3 turning 20, Tombstone turning 30, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang turning a lot older than you'd think.

After catching up with Mikey's and Garrison's 2023 movie numbers, it's another edition of Everything Everywhere All At Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, following the first ever round last summer.  

Then the gifts -- Gal Gadot needs a break... WWE gets a multiverse... some films and filmmakers get better coverage... and the world gets more Whit Stillman... and much more.

Finally, Mikey hands out tangible gift bags, while d$ and G-Ryfun hand out their own gifts, with a stop in the pretentious corner (sort of) and returning to the well for a few films.

Stick around to the very end... it's a delight. 

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