Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Episode 605: The Prestige of Nolan

 With David Fincher releasing a new (and super good) film this week, "The Killer", the Deucecast thought it would be a great time to pay homage to one of our country's greatest living directors - Christophe Nolan.  (We aren't sure everyone had time to see Fincher's latest, so we swerved)

And what better way than to call up our friend of the show, the Podawan himself, The Pride of Smyrna, Georgia, young Garrison Ryfun!

First, a little round of WORD UP!, where the guys fill in the blanks on the most important topics of the day -- the failure of The Marvels, the success of Five Nights at Freddys and what to think about TayTay's concert film.

Also, does #XlessDrEarl really want to see "It's a Wonderful Knife?"

And then, the guys do a ranking of their top 10 (out of the 12) theatrical releases of Chris Nolan movies... from the most well known -- Inception, Interstellar, Dunkrik -- to the less known -- Following -- to the forgotten gems -- The Prestige, Insomnia -- and of course, Big Oppy.

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