Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Episode 602: DeuceFellas - The Scorsese Top 5

 "You downloading me? You listenin' to me?!" That's right, it might sound like a DeNiro themed episode, but we actually turn our attention the legend behind the camera, one Martin Scorsese, as Dave, Mikey, and #XLessDrEarl discuss and rank some of their fave Marty films.

First, a quick catch up, then a spoiler free review of the latest, "Killers of the Flower Moon", then the return of the Rotten Tomatoes game, this time with a little Scorsese Potpourri.

Then, the guys rank and discuss each of their fave Top 5 Scorsese directed films, with the full knowledge there a ton of them they haven't seen. Nonetheless, it still makes for a great conversation, as they discuss thoughts on "Goodfellas", on "Color of Money" (and Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio, of course), on "Taxi Driver" and a ton more. 

Then, once the credits role, Steve signs off, and Casey counts 'em down, a special aftershow, spoiler filled review of "Killers of the Flower Moon"... chatting about the cast, the cinematography, the music, some Easter Eggs, how Lily Gladstone matched up with DeNiro and Leo, and the film's Oscar -- and Deucie -- chances. 

The films discussed and where to find them at time of recording:

  • Australia! (Hulu)
  • Boxcar Bertha (Amazon Prime; Tubi)
  • Bringing Out the Dead (Amazon Prime; Paramount+; MGM+)
  • Cape Fear (Starz in Menacing)
  • The Color of Money (for rental)
  • The Departed (for rental)
  • Goodfellas (for rental)
  • Infernal Affairs (for rental)
  • Internal Affairs (Amazon Prime)
  • The King of Comedy (Plex)
  • Mean Streets (for rental)
  • Silence (Paramount+)
  • Taxi Driver (for rental)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (Netflix; Paramount+)

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