Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Episode 557: The Jack vs Bobby D Tourney

On the way to Episode 600, in which The Deucecast Movie Show will finally payoff it's Big Bracket of Movie Roles.. but there are still spots to fill.  So tonight, the guys match up two Hollywood Legendary Heavyweights -- Jack Nicholson roles vs Robert DeNiro roles.

First up, Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl bring in "The Pride of Noonan", aka, Lil G, aka, Spawn of Ryfun, aka, Garrison to discuss the characters that Jack and Bobby brought to life.

After a quick look back to 2012 when Disney and Lucasfilm made a small agreement, then they dive into the bracket... and they even have to call in help.

Follow along as Jack Torrence takes on James Dale, Garrett Breedlove vs George Hanson, Frank Costello vs Will Randal, Warren Schmidt vs Harry Sanborn, Jake Gittes vs Bill Rorish, Col Jessup vs Melvin Udell, The Joker vs Daryl Van Horne, Randal McMurphy vs Charley Partanna


Vito vs Sam and Max Cady vs Pat Solito Jr and Al Capone vs Harry Tuttle and Paul Vitti and Jack Brynes and Travis Bickle vs Michael and Neil McCauley vs Louis Gara and Jake LaMotta vs Jack Walsh and Jimmy Conway vs Sam Rothstein.

Only one can make it through.

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