Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Episode 552: The Franchise Role Tournament

Because we are on the downslope to Episode 600, and we've done 21 of these and need to do at least 11 more... its TOURNEY TIME.

Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl are ready to put another movie role into the Big Bracket, to figure out what the greatest movie role of all time could be.  This episode, it's picking out the greatest roles from franchises.

The rules.... must be a character who appears in at least FOUR theatrical releases, no matter how brief, and can be played by the same or different actors.  Star Wars and Marvel are intentionally excluded, with one brief exception. And for the first time in any DCMS Tourney... Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings make their appearances. 

To do such a big event, the Deucecast trio need help -- enter the Pride of Buford Georgia, Spawn of Ryfun himself, Lil G, and Friend of the Show Roth from Wyoming, picking up last minute invites to be a part of the madness. 

Transformers go tet a tet... the wizarding world has a rumble, as does Middle Earth... action stars attempt to keep it in the family, while dynamic duos take on crime stopping wiseacres... will G's push for Ethan Hunt finally be successful?  What happens when two of Mikey's icons face off?  Is it fair to make #TwitterlessDrEarl decide a match from movies he's never seen?  Probably not, but here we go! 

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