Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Episode 544: The Tournament of the Chris

As August approaches and #FanBoySummer begins to wind down (only a few weeks left!), Dave, and Mikey, and #TwitterlessDrEarl are thrilled to bring on super fan of the show and budding Deucecast archivist Nate, aka Aussie Nate.

Streaming in live from Brunswick, Iowa (just west of Queensland) Aussie Nate has put together a full Movie Role Tourney, one of utmost importance as the winner will advance to The Big Bracket (held in Episode 600 in September 2023).

First up, catching up with Aussie Nate, and why he chose this tournament -- that being the battle of the Chrises... Evans vs Hemworth vs Pine vs Pratt, with some extras  thrown in there for good measure, like Tucker, Farley, Elliot, and Kristofferson.

Buckle up.. this might get Chrizy... I mean, Crazy.

The Bracket:

  • Capt Steve Rogers vs Johnny Storm
  • Ransom vs Lloyd Hanson
  • Jensen vs Smokey
  • Curtis vs Jake Wyler
  • Owen Grady vs Brett
  • Barley Lightfoot vs Josh Faraday
  • Emmet Brickowski vs Dan Forester
  • Dom/Woogie vs Peter Quill
  • Thor Odin vs George Kirk
  • Tommy Callahan vs Billy Lee
  • James Hunt vs Tyler Rake
  • Beckman vs Curt
  • James T Kirk vs Rex Hanson
  • Cinderella's Prince vs Will Coulson
  • Steve Trevor vs Jack Ryan
  • Rubber Duck vs Toby Howard 

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