Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Episode 526: The Spring Summer 2022 Preview

As Charlie Puth would sing, "It's been a long road without you my friend, but here we are to preview the movies again..." Or something like that.

After a two year absence, the Spring Movie Preview is back, as Mikey will tell you he worked 9 hours to bring this episode together!  And then, for funsies, we even add on the summer, to make it a full on preview of all the movies you'll want to see (The Bubble! Everything Everywhere All At Once! Bullet Train) and maybe are unsure of (AmbuLAnce! Hustle! Paws of Fury!) and those to possible, maybe sort of avoid... like Mrs Harris Goes to Paris?

We bring you the latest in Marvel with Dr Strange and Thor upcoming... in dinosaurs, as Jurassic World makes its final bow... the Buzz on the latest Pixar flick... historical dramas like Mincement and Survivors... Nic Cage dealing with the weight of his unbearable talent... more Harry Potter... and so much more.

Oh... and #TwitterlessDrEarl also says "RZA".

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