Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Episode 367: And the Oscar Goes to Spring Movies

The Academy Awards just happened... but the recording of this episode was before the Oscars were given out... so what do Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDr Earl do?  Go ahead and record predictions for an episode that will air AFTER the actual results.

Because The Deucecast Movie Show is like that. Cutting edge and all.

And even better, the predictions made on the show weren't even the final predictions!  So why listen? Because we are awesome and you should.

And then, a full preview on the big releases upcoming for the months of March, April and May... Chloe Grace Moretz gets stalked... #TwitterlessDrEarl Marvels at Brie... Jordan Peele gets weird. Er. Weirder... Dumbo takes flight... revisiting Pet Sematary... the Endgame of Avengers... Keanu Reeves shoots lots of people... more dogs traveling the country... and much, much more!

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