Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Episode 360: Not for Me (2018's Lumps of Coal)

Image result for bad moviesIt's become an annual rite of passage... the films that the Deucecast likes to call "Lumps of Coal", those being the worst movies seen over the last 12 months.  Films like "Justice League" and "Colonia" and "Terminator Genysis" and even "Pootie Tang" (thanks Pinky!) have all worn the banner of shame.  Which films wear it this year?

Find out when Mikey and Dave bring in #TwitterlessDrEarl, and invite in Friend of the Show and Miss Independent himself Jeremy Burgess to talk about the... movies that just aren't for the guys.

First up, the birthday films, including the good (Taken, She's All That, Whiplash), the bad (Bride Wars, Boyhood, Paul Blart) and the ugly (Braddock: Mission in Action III) that came out in the month of January in year's past.

And then, a fun and light discussion on the films that just weren't as agreeable in 2018... with some Disney blunders... being WAR READY... traveling with Marky Mark... bad Wakowski Sibs... and of course, Nic Cage.

Enjoy the Lumps of Coal.

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