Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Episode 354: DeuceGiving 2018

Once a year, the crew from The Deucecast Movie Show roll into the Deucecast Studios for one purpose: To record more shows. But beyond that, to say Thank You to the things Mikey, Dave & #TwitterlessDrEarl appreciated the most in 2018. It a very DeuceGiving Thanksgiving.

First is catching up with Dr Earl, after his world travels with Doctors Without Borders Doing Borderless Doctor Things, then a quick look ahead to the big Thanksgiving events for everyone.

Mikey questions the team on cranberry sauce, Dr Earl gives his choice and Dave balks at all of it.

A look ahead at the Thanksgiving movies dropping in the days ahead, while Mikey reviews the new version of The Grinch.

Then... pulling out the old school game "Ryan Phillippe", including naming Tom Cruise movies, Al Pacino, Ewan McGregor and more.

And then, the annual list of thanks given by the guys to the world, including thanks for Amy Adams in new stuff... John Cena doing more stuff... Tom Cruise doing live stuff... A-List giving movie stuff... Wes Anderson doing dog stuff... and much more.

And even a toss back to old DeuceGiving lists!

And in this Thanksgiving week, Thank you for everything!!!

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