Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Episode 313: The Not 2017 Top Ten

Take another amazing excursion into movie podcasting excellence... and when you are done with that ride, then come on and listen to this episode of The Deucecast Movie Show!

Mikey and Dave hold down the fort, with all Friends of the Show doing other things, as they bring the best films they watched in 2017 that weren't actually from 2017.

First up, a little See This, Not That, where the guys tell you what Kevin Costner films to see and which ones to avoid... which Time Travel movies to catch and which to skip... what M Night Shymalala flicks you need to make time for and which ones you never have to watch... and what Matt Damon cinematic experiences to experience and what Matt Damon cinematic experiences you can forego experiencing.  

Then Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess calls into the show randomly, as the show introduces the replacement for the annual Valentine's Pink... The Deucecast Movie Show presents Burgentine's Day, assigning him some romantic films... plus the first appearance of The Girl's Next Door's "Slow Boat to China"  (from 1986, not 1988, by the way)... including the film known as "The Australian Dirty Dancing"

And then, the top ten films that were seen last year by Dave and Mikey, but not films that were actually from 2017.  Some older movies like Arthur and Blade Runner and High Noon and newer films like Magnificent Seven and Captain Fantastic and Gone Baby Gone and much more.

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